Which NEC drive is this memorex (NEC D63645GM Chip)

Hey guys, I recently picked up this drive cause I caught a good deal for 30$.
I opened up the back plate and theres an nec chipset.
Memorex Internal
Chipset reads NEC D63645GM

What NEC drive can this be crossflashed to? is it the 3500?
And if someone can point me in the right direction as how to flash this to an NEC I’d appreciate it. :flower:

Try running my NEC Drive Converter and check what it tell’s you about your “current drive”. No need to change this setting.

D63645GM chipset has been used in avariety of drives since NEC ND-3540, IIRC.
Out of curiosity, what’s the brand and model of your eeprom, (chip at right if you look at board from front of drive).

You can also read a review by crossg about this drive. :wink:

Ok, I pulled the drive just for you :wink: hopefully I got the right chip… It was the only one that looked like an EEPROM. I wrote a couple others down to while I had it apart. Strangly this drive had no warranty seal, or else I wouldn’t have takin it apart :cool:

EEPROM: S!PWMx2 BD7957FS 543 H52

Other NEC chip: C3345GC 0544KB246

Guess its a 3550A, I already did the X-Flash.

Thanks for taking your time… :slight_smile:

Not sure we got the right figures yet though. Attached picture (of ND-4550) might give you some directions.
Picture curtesy of cdrinfo.com.

scratch that… flashed to 4551A :stuck_out_tongue:

oopps that was the only chip I didn’t write down… I can tell you its the same name on it and everything looks exactly the same!

I’ll take it out again and read that chip…brb

Ok… heres the info and more:

spansion chip S29AL016D70TF102 0545GFB H

On Board:
pwa-3083 (MP)
There ya go! :slight_smile:

Now you got it right… :clap:

This type of eeprom chip is used on both 3550 and 4550 drives. Mainoard marking “K450” might indicate it’s a ND-4550 but I can’t say that for certain, (maybe Liggy or Dee-27 can).
Before even thinking about “crossfashing”, have you checked with NEC’s drive converter? What does it say. Any options.

I won’t recommend you to crossflash your drive to a “NEC” because this might damage your drive and voids warranty.
If you still wan’t to do it, just read around first and then use your imagination… :smiley:

Keep us posted.

well I was too tempted to make it a 4551 so when I used bootcode flasher I remember it having an option for the 3550 ID:K3** IIRC and ID:K4** for the 4550 and 4551 so im not sure if this had anything to do with it… But tested out the disc T@2 on an old RitekG03 I had laying around, pretty cool :cool:
Im not really worried about messing the drive as I got it for 30$ got so many new drives lately to test.
BTW:is there any of my drives capable of burning this CMCMAG AM3@ 16x before a waste 7 disk finding out? lol seems to be real crap media. Only tried in my Pio A11XL=coaster :doh:

Seems to be all crap media…


Yea, the last good CMC media I had was CMCMAG AE1 DVD-R and got 99 QS all the time on my 1625 when I had it. CMC=CrapMediaCompany :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought these HP’s would have at least been RICOHJPN

Think i’ll just stick to my 8x media from YUDEN T002 and MMC003 which I have plenty of still.
someone just gave me a 15 pack of double layer memorex and you can guess what MID that is…RITEK :Z