Which NEC 3500 firmware is best for burning Memorex and Verbatim 2.4X +R DL?

My current 3500 2.C8 firmware can not read the media ID, here are the pictures from amazon.com

Or should I get the 3540 for DVD+R DL burning?

It is going for $42 at Monarch right now.

You can’t make a decision to replace your burner solely based on whether a drive reads the DVD D/L disc or not, D/L burning is not even %10 of operational use you might have. The NEC 3500 is one the best drive around you might want to check other f/w to find out if your drive has really problem with reading the D/L disc.

Maybe I did not make myself clear or you just missed my point. My 3500 does not have problem reading the DL disc, it just does not read the DL media ID correctly with 2.C8 fw. Under DVDInfoPro, it says the “manufacturer ID can not be read” This makes me feel uncomfortable to try a DL burn.

I just search ScorpioSoft’s 3500 fw list. I narrow it down to 218btrpc1 and 2c8_se_ritek_4x_dl fws as I want bitsetting for SL &DL, and it sees like both of them can burn Ritek (Memorex) and Verbatim DL discs. However, the manufacturer ID is still not read correctly with 218btrpc1 and 2c8_se_ritek_4x_dl fws.

Is there any 3500 fw is better than 218btrpc1 and 2c8_se_ritek_4x_dl out there in term of burning quality and autobitsetting for SL &DL discs?

No suggestion, I guess DL is still not that popular.

I think the drive should read back the ATIP info/MID no matter what firmware the drive has. have you tried another program? either that or that media was printed without an ID, but I’d think DL is a bit too specialised for generic companies to reel them off.

yep dual layer is still too expensive. we have all been waiting for these disks to come down substantially in price and though they are falling in price, they still are not ready for high volume sale. once, they drop in price, i can guarentee u that they will be very popular.