Which namebrand DVD+R media is always TY?

Hi all,

I know that Fujifilm DVD+R discs made in Japan are TY discs. And I know I can buy unbranded TY discs online. But what other namebrands, if any, are always TY discs? Is there a list somewhere I could use as a reference?


these are ty YUDEN000T02

Taiyo Yuden’s own branding is That’s

In the US:

SONY DVD+R 8x Made in Japan and TDK DVD+R 8x Made in Japan are YUDEN000T02.

Samsung DVD+R 4x Made in Japan was YUDEN000T01.

Burnmaster TY at Allmediaoutlet are also TY. Don’t know if you consider it a “brand” but they are always TY when you order TY. Also it appears as though Fuji is switching from TY.

i wouldnt be so sure first of they are too cheap for ty
and second allmediaoutletof arent exactly high rated @ http://www.digitalfaq.com/dvdguides/buyerguides/buymedia.htm

Where can I find these in Europe ? I bet I can’t :frowning:

cant help on that one but you can get the medias i mentioned above at
and it is a european store

check these european shops for TY’s:



Well, that may be a valid warning if AllMediaOutlet wasn’t BizRate certified. Any merchant a part of BizRate has to comply with fairly high standards and also has to get consistently high ratings to be a part of it. Any deviance from that high standard means the merchant ‘gets it’ from more than one side. This means each merchant a part of BizRate’s system is very consumer-oriented and very attentive to reviews. BizRate is like another online BBB that enforces standards. I’ve never had a single bad experience with a single BizRate certified member, and always had top notch customer service from those BizRate merchants. This experience goes back 7 years, so I think one can order from AllMediaOutlet with confidence.

I just checked both 50pk spindles and they are genuine TY (1158), unbranded, and come up yuden000t02-00 mid. One checks good for 8x burning and the other spindle at 12x. :bigsmile:

Rima has the same thing for $41. These are $33. I don’t consider that cheap. Anyhow, I just burned another disc with one of the best 1620 scans I ever saw. Regardless of your concerns, you can’t fake that.

what’s the serial around the hub???

TG001159 on both my tubs.