Which music artist will be the next crap story for a crap movie?

We had movies about Frank Sinatra , Elvis , Madonna , Tina Turner , Eminem , Spice Girls , Prince and they ALL SUCKED !

What’s next ?

i couldn’t avoid voting for “napster in pain” :bigsmile: :cool: :bigsmile:

i liked 8 mile…

What’s wrong w/ 8 Mile? Don’t like white trash turned mega rich musician? Do I sense jealousy in that poll?

The story of Metallica lost lots of fans because of pure greed !!

Movies that sucked ?, anyone remember that one with Britney ?..
(I wish i could remember the name, but my brain constantly blocks it from my memory area :wink: )

What would suck twice as much ??, another Britney MOVIE !! :rolleyes:

Ps: I also loved “Napster in pain”… :bigsmile:

I voted for napster in pain…

I loved Metallcia, before they started sucking… I’m going to my happy place now…

(…And justice for all plays in bloodstar’s head)

Yeppp… Napster in pain it is. Although I really like Metallica’s music, James Hetfield & co really suck. Their music is great, but their ego’s are way greater (hmmm). Too bad.