Which Mp3 player is the best (Apple iPod (fifth-generation update, 30GB, black))



[qanda]This thread is about the Apple iPod (fifth-generation update, 30GB, black). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i wanna gift ma fren an mp3 player on her birthday. She is a music freak and anythin to do with music be would appreciated by her. she stays in india n m plannin to send it to her. but i know nothin bout a music player, which Mp3 player shud i gift her??


Hi Raj,

MP3 players are old fashion stuff. If you really want to freak out a music freak then gift her an iPod. Yes, rest assured she will really thank you from the bottom of her heart. There is an Authorised Reseller site which facilitates gifting of iPods to your loved ones in India, [URL=“http://store.ipodyourlife.co.in/Gift-an-iPod.aspx?channel=cdfreak”]. You have a wide range of iPods to choose from and they guarantee 48 hrs delivery. They seem to be offering good discounts for the festive season as well.
Happy Gifting!


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Hey Jimmy thanks for too much of information. Well I’m just looking for an Mp3 player. If i had to gift an ipod i would ve done it long back. i know where i can get it. I wanted to know about best Mp3 players in the market. But thanks for the try. :disagree: better luck next time…


i would recommend getting a MP3 player that can run ‘rockbox’ www.rockbox.org


It might help if you gave your price range and what country you want to buy it in. mp3 players range from about 15$ to several hundred dollars.


well m lookin at a price range from 150 to 200$… i’m considering an ipod… i think its quite good… it plays an mp3 and mp4 as well right?


Ipods seem to be the most popular in that price range. Not all ipods play mp4 video. I think its primarily older models and or newer but smaller models that don’t. You can find out which do as well as a lot more information in the wiki.

I’m pretty sure they are still making different generations and different models of ipods as I see them advertised. You can of course see what the current models are on apples site.

If they are not still making some, you might just have to do a little shopping around to see which are still available new. Unfortunately, mine are all cheaper than ipods so I cannot give you any personal experiences. I have looked at getting one a few times though. There are only 2 problems that I have found with them. If you plan on buying protected music online from a service, you can buy from apple itunes only! Music from other music services wont work. You can of course play any unprotected music like stuff you convert yourself. Apple also likes changing the firmware on ipods to intentionally make it incompatible with other companies accessories. If you want to use it with a dock or a larger video screen or similar accessories, they may not work if you got the wrong model and or wrong firmware unless they are apple accessories. Beyond that they look pretty good.