Which motherboard?

I’m looking at an upgrade, and because I refuse to buy a new video card (Xpress), I’m limited to either a VIA based board or NForce-3. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to these 2 boards, due to the available peripheral ports and SATA ports. I like the Soltek because it has the same Promise controller I use now. So one of the real differences in these boards is the chipset SATA, VIA vs NF3.

This will be based on a AMD64 3200+ Venice, which should overclock nicely on either board. Both boards should also run a dual core chip with BIOS updates AFAIK. But the Venice is well-known for giving outstanding perfomance with even modest O/C that makes it an excellent value. But I haven’t ruled out a dual-core completely. NOT buying a new video card might make the dual-core option possible.

Anybody using similar boards?

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