Which Motherboard to buy?

I’m buying a new motherboard shortly and need some advice. I’ve alread found the processor I want, so if I just list the specs that it must have, could you just steer me in the direction of a board that suits my needs?

Must accept an AMD Athlon 64 Dual Core processor
Must accept 3gb DDR RAM
SATA/SATA2 interfaces
PCI Express 16x
At least 3 PCI expansion slots
Onboard LAN/Wi-Fi
2 IDE channels for optical drives

I have no need for onboard sound, graphics or RAID.

I have been looking at some boards at Dabs.com, Ebuyer.com, eBay etc., but I’m not really sure what all the jargon means, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:
Whilst a bit pricey this is the m/b I’ve been looking at. Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe.

That’s the exact same one I’ve been looking at too. It’s seems to be the only one I can find that fills all my needs. A bit pricey, but when you look at the fact that the motherboard is the most important component in any machine - you want reliability.

http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=311464 +
It’s a decent WLAN-card using Atheros chipset which is very stable.
You can find a review of the motherboard here: