Which model to buy

i want to replace my 1633s. i also have a benq 1655. what model of lite on would you suggest? maybe the 1693?

i have used lite ons for long enough that it wouldn’t seem right not having one in there.

I have a 1693 and is a good burner. Another drive can be 1635. There are good scans in the forum from both these drives

if you can’t find a 1693s get the 165P6S.

ok, the 1693s is $48 an in stock locally. the 165p6s is in stock at newegg for the same price with shipping.

which one would be better…opinions?

Get the 165p6s if you can.

My 1693 burns very well with Codeguys KC4B firmware. The newer drives have a problem such that you cannot use modified firmware…yet. The newer drive (165P6S) works with their Smartburn and Hypertune utility.

It is a tough call between the two which is why I have added a 165P6S; it looks as though it will be a very good burner with MCC and TY media. If you are going to use cheap media, then you should get the 1693, but the new utility just might be better with cheap media.

See the problem? Get both.

lol. i will probably go with the 165p6s. i have a benq 1655 already, i just want to keep a liteon in there too.

yet eh? how yet?

Yes I agree always get the newest drive the 1693S is a great drive but the
165P6S is bound to be better. I have both drives a 1693S and a 160P6S it’s
not exactly the 165P6S but close enough and I can say they are great drives
the 160P6S burns discs 100% better than the 1693S ever did. :iagree:

Do you have any scans to post to confirm that?

How does the 165h6s fit into the scheme of burners?? it is available locally for $64…

The 165H6S is an Allwrite drive and burns all DVD media including DVD-RAM. It also supports LightScribe, which allows the drive to write graphical labels on special LightScribe media. Also soon the the drive will support OverSpeed and HyperTuning, which allows faster burning of some media and better quality. Results so far look very promising.

i am trying to replace a benq1620 that has stopped working. Would this be a good replacement. I would like to get the benq1655 but i dont want to have to order online. I really only want a way to back up my movies and be able to set +r disc to dvd rom. I use mostly sony ty002 discs, will this burner burn these at 12x??

I suggest BenQ DW1655 or Lite-On 165P6S. :smiley:

Both are very good drives from what I have seen here. BenQ has great burn quality on +R’s YUDEN000-T02 media, support LightScribe and bitsets (+R/+RW/+DL) out of the box.
165P6S is a multi-writer supporting any disctype you can imagine.

Good Luck.

Okay here you go this MCC-004 was burned @16x on the 160P6S and the same MCC-004 disc’s on the 1693S
burned @16x and scanned @4x looked terrible PI in the 80-280+ range and PIF had 4 -7 spikes. The 160P6S
range is PI 29 and PIF is 2 with a total of 130 sorry I don’t have the 1693S scans anymore I have already
deleated them. :doh:

160P6S scan

I was able to get a much better burn with my 1693 with KC4B formware on MCC 004 at 12X. You might try that. Many burner do a better job on 16X media at 12X but this seems to be changing for newer burners.

Yeah I know what you mean the only way I could get a really halfway decent burn out
of the MCC-004 or really any brand of 16x media with the 1693S was @ 8x I tried 12x
and it wasn’t much better than a 16x burn. That is why I moved on to the 160P6S drive
in hopes of getting something that would burn reliably @16x. I think liteon hit the nail on
the head for good to excellent 16x burns with the 6S drives. I have not even bothered
trying to burn a disc on this drive at less than 16x after I installed it and updated the
firmware to PS08 it was the first thing I did before trying to burn the first disc with it. :iagree: