Which Model to Buy Please>?

Hi All

Sorry to ask this question but dont know where to turn.

At the moment I copy my own dvd’s uses the macro master lead. But that scart lead does not seen to be working at the moment and my Panasonic DMR-E55 is very temperamental.

So I thought why not buy a dvd burner to burn my own dvd’s.

However I do not understand all the jargon people talk about and I wondered is a player you can suggest for a total noob like me?

Would I need specific software to be able to burn dvd’s and does this software come free with some products?

Will my any blank DVD-R media work on my burner just like it did on my panny recorder?

Sorry for all the questions but debating whether to buy new panny dvd recorder and macro lead or burner for pc with software (I think the latter is the cheaper option).



if you just need to burn dvds, the 1635S or 160P6S is the irght drive.
for lightscribe (disc labeling with the writer) there is the 16H5S and 165H6S.
the 165H6S also somes with DVD-RAM support. the 165P6S is the same except for lightscribe.
the 1635S is the cheapest, it doean’t support lightscribe and dvd-ram.
6S drives are newer and as you can see with more features.
they all do their work good, you just have to choose which features you need.
all drives have nero burning software in the package, except bulk ones.

I would recommend the Benq DW 1655 or the DW 1650 (almost the same drive, with the exception the 1655 has lightscribe and the 1650 doesn’t). Good burns with QUALITY discs, and is also a fast ripper.

The best is yet to come, in about 6-9 months, from BENQ/Lite-on conglomerate.

Lite-on drives do need that extra oomph, not to lost stability on some occasions. :wink:

oh, thought i was in the lo forum. sure, the 1650/1655 is a very good drive. it also comes bundled with software.
my liteon suggestion above is still valid :wink:

Sooner, I hope. Can’t see BenQ DW165* drives as an upgrade from my trusty 1640, so I’m eagerly waiting. :slight_smile:

Now that Liteys gained some “sweet fruits” (read; technology) from BenQ/Philips, they for sure are back in bussines. :iagree:

Get a 1640, 1650 or 55 are junk, way to young in firmware, wont burn most media @16x, they are not made as the same quality as the 1640.

lol @ bud. It may not be as good as the 40, but the 50/55 is good for the good brand medias. I use Taiyo T02 and get good results. Granted atm, DL burning is shyte with the 50/55 but otherwise its an alright burner.

So far for me, my 1655 has defeated my 1640 in all areas. Maybe I had a bad 1640, but I got my first “99” quality scores with my 1655, best my 1640 could do with media from the same batches was a 97 with way more errors.

I agree with bandeng here. But my 1640 may not have been the best on the lot. My 1655 out performs the 1640 by quite a margin.
This is really related to individual drive quality and not so much model quality.

Thanks for all the replies chaps and I will be purchasing a 1655 shortly. Just need to find a place to shop for in UK. I appreciate the responses as well, Cheers!!

I think PC world might have it. You could always get it off the internet.

Yeah saw it on ebay for 50 pounds including delivery.


Can someone look at the 2 links please and possible explain what the difference between the 2 links. I think one is oem version and the other isnt plus some free lightscribe cdr’s.

Would i still get the nero software if purchasing the oem version?

38.00 pounds


32.00 pounds


Hi :slight_smile:
The first link is a retail boxed BenQ 1655. Comes with screws, s/w & free discs. There should be 3 discs originally, now have additional 5 discs. So 8 in total.
Second link oem 1655, just bare drive nothing else (might get Nero oem/this seems to vary lately & depends on dealer [Komplett are very good in this respect]).
PCWorld has 1650 retail for £34.99.
If buying online, also look at TechFever.1655 retail: 1655 oem:

Thanks Zebadee

Hi zebadee. Sorry for bumping in, but those prices are interesting. Can you please tell me what’s the price of the OEM 1655 in euros and in dollars? I’m from Bosnia, and here is almost impossible to find BenQ drives (the same as Lite On). I’ve ordered this morning 1655 OEM, it’s price is 77$ or 59 EUR.