Which model of Pioneer is good to purchase?



I want to buy a new DVD WRITER.
One of my friends has suggested me buy pioneer DVD Writers.
I want to know which model is the best one to buy.
The latest model I found in its site was DVR-111D

I also noticed that someone here has introduced DVR-112D and DVR-112L models of Pioneer.
Are these ones available for purchasing?
What’s the difference between D and L in the model?

So please recommend me the best Model I can buy.

The fact is that I want a Drive which can read Cds and DVDs nicely,if even they have Scratches.

I hope Pioneer is a good choice for this case.(Nice Reading)
If you know any better Drive that has better reading facilities let me know please.

Thanks in advance.
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i have just purchased a 111d and after a few teething troubles its now fine.
they burn media of most types very well…
the differenve between d and l is d is dvd writer…l is labelflash…same drive but L is capable of doing labelflashes…but saying that the 111d can be cross flashed to 111l

also they may be very good writers but in my experience and if you read the reviews they arent the best readers in the world…
i would suggest getting 2 new drives. a pioneer for burning and a sony/lite-on for reading…sony/liteon are very very good readers.

if i got anything wrong please correct me as i have only had the pio for a couple of weeks lol


I would say there is not much difference in the 111 and 112 series of drives (except write speed). There are some already posting scans of discs burned by a 112 and you could take a look there and compare the results with the 111.
Now Pioneer has different flavours of their drives. I will use the 111 for explanation but its the same with the 112.

  1. 111: read and writes to DVD-RAM
  2. 111D: only reads DVD-RAM. No DVD writing.
  3. A11 or 111XL: reads and writes DVD-RAM. Has special firmware for quiet drive utility and special honeycomb caseing
  4. 111L: Reads and writes to DVD-RAM and has Labelflash
  5. 111C: has Lightscribe
    With the 111 you can crossflash between 111, 111L and 111D.
    Now about reading: It seems that Liton drives are good at reading discs with scratches and or even bad burns. I myself do not have one but when reading the posts of various liteon users I get this impression.

  1. 111D: only reads DVD-RAM. No DVD writing.

the 111d DOES burn dvd’s it doesnt burn dvd-ram (it will if flashed with buffalo firmware though)

and i have a sony (rebadged lite-on) and it can still after 2 years read a lot of disks none of my other drives will


Even if available, the 112D is too new without sufficient reviews to know about it IMO. I’d await 112D full review or get the 111D now. After reading all reviews of different drives as well as problems posted on this forum, I chose the 111D which was cross flashed to 111L to gain bit setting. IMO the 111 simply had best overall review with many fewer problems posted compared to other drives.


Sorry. Sure it can write to DVDs…what was I thinking while typing lol.
It should as the_hetster say mean it does not write to DVD-RAM


Thank you so much everybody for your help.
So the best READER is SONY.
Do you suggest any particular Model of Sony which is tested and has a good testimonial?

As for Pioneer, I have just a question.
What are Label Flash and Cross Flash?
Could you please explain them?
I’m a new user in this forum and I’m not familiar with some jargons.

Seemingly, DVR-111D is the best choice for now.

By the way,How are Plextor Drives?
Aren’t they good at reading and writing?

Thanks in advance.


the samsung 182d is actually better at reading scratch dvds sony/liteon are very fast rippers capable of ripping thru copy protections ie safedisc and audio locks


I have 3 Pioneer 111D’s crossflashed to 111L, tried various other types of burners including Sony, Liteon, NEC etc etc and always come back to Pioneer simply because they are the most reliable. Of course a burner depends on quality media too which is why I always now only buy Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

As for reading, I used to have a plain old Liteon DVD-ROM drive (169PS I think) that would read anything no matter it’s condition.

  1. crossflash means flashing it with another models firmware…you can flash 111d with 111L firmware and it will turn your 111D into a 111L (same but has dvd-ram and labelflash)

  2. label flash is a way of burning an image into the dye after its burnt (latest nero supports labelflash)…go to google images and search labelflash for a few samples


About Sony: I dont know if the Sony drives are still Liteon. Sony and NEC have a new Company called sonynec-optiarc (since last year) and the drives from this company are NEC drives. I think it would be better to get a Liteon drive instead for going with Sony branded ones.


LITE-ON SHM-165P6S is an old (relatively) are proven drive, SONY DW-Q120A is exactly the same Lite-On drive, only Sony-labeled. All further Sony drives are (going to be) indeed Sony-NECs.
So, if you want to get a new speedy Lite-on drive (18x, 20x), you’ll have to deal only with Lite-On. If a good 16x one, then either Lite-on SHM-165P6S or Sony DW-Q120A will do - no difference at all (except the drives’ firmwares).


Thank you once more everybody.

I have a few questions about Label Flash.
I have Nero Premium version
I cheked all of its options and tools but i didn’t find anything which is good for
burning Label Flashes.
May I ask you to help me and let me know which version of Nero I should obtain.

Ultra Edition is better or Premium?

Also let me know if I can do labelflash on CD-R media.(NORMAL CD-R)
Like what you could do with YAMAHA recorders by DiscT@2 facility.

Can you do the same with Pioneer DVR-111D ?

Seemingly,in the following web page ,a NEC recorder can do this on Normal


LabelFlash printing can be theoretically done on any DVD-/+R media, by simply placing the disc right side up in the tray and printing the label on the data side as was done with DiscT@2. Of course, that would require that the burner’s firmware support printing on non-LabelFlash discs. In our tests, we used the NEC ND-4551A with firmware v1.07 installed and the drive managed to print on DVD-R and DVD+R media

I want to know if you can do the same with Pioneer or any other Writers excepting NEC.

Also is there any thread in this forum that introduces all the Writers which have the facility of LightScribe or Labelflash?

Thanks in advanc.
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Nero 6.6 Reloaded v6.6.1.4 and later can perform Labelflash using Cover Designer after clicking the Labelflash icon in Nero Burning ROM.

You need a full license or an OEM license for a Labelflash enables drive, however, and such licenses are not available AFAIK in the North American market. A European license of the right kind will work, but it must be full 6.6 or 7 license (or the relevant OEM license) - not just a license for a previous Nero 6 version upgraded to Nero 6.6.

Also let me know if I can do labelflash on CD-R media.(NORMAL CD-R)
Like what you could do with YAMAHA recorders by DiscT@2 facility.
No, DiscT@2T is (currently) only supported for DVD+R and DVD-R media.

Can you do the same with Pioneer DVR-111D ?
Only if you cross-flash it to a Pioneer DVR-111L using unofficial firmware.

I want to know if you can do the same with Pioneer or any other Writers excepting NEC.
With a cross-flashed Pioneer DVR-111L as described above. I can’t think of any other Labelflash enabled drives except Sony NEC Optiarc (under the NEC or Sony brands) or Pioneer (under Pioneer or Buffalo brands). If someone knows of other Labelflasd drives, please feel free to mention them.


Dragemester is right of course, no toher than the mentioned dvd drives are Labelflash/DiscT@2 capable.


Thanks for te reply and help.
Just one nore question.
Please let me know the differences that exist between Nero Ultra Edition and Premium version.

Thanks in advance.


Ultra is American, Premium is European but they have the same features I think.


A question for Ahead/Nero.


No, Sony burners are not the best readers.
LiteOn are best readers. Older sony models are liteon burners rebadged.
Currently sony has joined nec and made a new company (optiarc), so newer Sony models are now NEC models rebadged and, from my experience, nec are awful readers :Z

PS: sony never made burners by themselves, always rebadged someone else. There should be out another sony model that is neither Liteon or NEC, but I don’t remember which model is and where does it come from…


While their older drives were good readers, this is not true with their more recent burners, at least from the 6S series and newer. I don’t know how good the 5S series drives are as readers, but the newer drives (the last two ‘generations’) are average.