Which Model of LiteON is the best Reader?

I’m seeking for the best Reader Drive I can obtain.
I asked some people in Pioneer section of this forum and they suggested me purchase Lite-ON Combo Drives,as these drives are very famous for reading DVD ad Cds which might have scratches or special Protections.

So,Please recommend me the best Model of Lite-On Combo Drives which can read all kinds of DVD and Cds.
Needless to mention that,I need the drive to be able to Write DVD and Cds perfectly.(I don’t need a Reader drive which can’t write at all).

Also let me know if any of Lite-On Combo drives has the LightScribe or LabelFlash Facilities.

Thanks in advance.
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a combo drive can’t brun DVDs, it’s are just CD-writer with dvd read capability.
lite-on uses lightscribe, but i don’t know of any combo drive supporting this.

LiteOns are good readers? :bigsmile: Yeah, of course they are. :clap:
I assume everyone made another experience.

From my experience, the best EVER reader I’ve used is the LiteOn LTC-48161H. It reads practically any disc I can throw at it at fairly quick speeds. Even the discs with some heavy scratches and “mid-deep” scratches are read without errors. My NEC 3500 and my Benq 1640 just couldn’t handle these discs at all. I had another liteon drive 411S that was crossed flashed to a 832S and that worked pretty well too, but still not close to the LTC-48161H. Too bad I accidentally broke the disc tray :frowning: every so often it doesn’t eject properly and ends up scratching the disc when it gets stuck :sad:

Thank you so much for your help.
So I shouldn’t go for new models like: Lite-On LH-20A1P or LiteOn SHW-1635S or
LiteOn SHM-165P6S which are relatively new models.

By the way,What abut LABELFALSHs?
Do they support LabelFlashes?

Thanks in advance.
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Don’t go for the latest LiteOn series! [I would prefer a LG drive.]
LiteOn drives do not support LabelFlash, LiteOn only supports LightScribe.

Is there any problem with new models?
Does anybody have any bad experiences with them?
Please let me know.

i have a 20a1p and i´m happy! its a very good reader and a good writer.
the drive has no rip-lock.
give it a chance.

What is LabelFlashes?? I have yet on the US side heard of that feature…only lightscribe is the know scribing feature are you sure LabelFlash is a lightscribe feature under a different name? But so what region are you from? And for those saying that LG is better is not looking or tried various other unit otherwise they would mentioned theri experiences. I had and used Memorex, HP, then a CD burner then went to DVD burner and now purchased a LH-20A1H internal drive and reads better then my older lite on unit which was a 832S model unit. And you never mentioned are you looking for external or internal unit?

I had the LH-18A1H and the LH-20A1P myself, both were crap readers compared to my NEC N3540A and especially to my LG GSA-H31L. I also tried a later fabricated LH-20A1P omened by a friend which was not any better. All three LiteOn devices had major problem recognizing and reading some pressed Video DVDs which were 100% clean and which were fine in any other device. I would not recommend them as reliable readers for pressed DVDs.

I am currently using three recent vintage LITE-ON’s. An SHM-165H6S, an LH-18A1P>20A1P and an LH-20A1H. All are excelent readers/rippers/scanners IMO. These drives are also FAST rippers and (thanks again COdeKING!) fast burners with overspeed options under SMARTBURN. Also, they are fun with a lot of enthusiast support.

For one thing maybe if you properly set region and updated firmware from the company rather then using untested and unreliable flash update firmware not supported by the company. Trying to update firmware omened not from company is asking for problem in the drive.

LabelFlash facility is a new technology and it’s like LightScribe,but it’s more advanced and it’s faster and needs special DVDs which can support Labelflash technology.
Pioneer DVD Writers support this technology.
Check Pioneer DVR-111L

I also need Internal unit.
By the way, a kind moderator of this forum suggested me buy 5S or 6S series of LiteOn as he ,by experience, believes that these series are better readers than any other models of LiteOn.

By now,i’m thinking of buying SHM-165H6S which can support LightScribe.
And If I’m unlucky to find this Model I should go for SHM-165P6S or SHW-1635S to obtain.

Any other recommendations would be nice.

Thanks everybody.

??? I did never used firmwares not supported bey LiteOn.

I do not know if it is just my drive or it’s the firmware fault.

when I crossflash my DW 1680 into 18A1P, the drive having difficulties reading scratched discs, but when I crossflash the drive into DW 1800, the drive reads the scratched discs fine…