Which model is the EIDE (desktop internal version) of the SONY DW-50A?

Recently I bought an HP notebook with a DVD Writer. Software identifies it as a SONY DW-50A. I’ve been unable to find reviews for this specific model, but I’m sure there should be a desktop PC version (internal or external) of this burner for which reviews may exist. Does anybody knows the model of such version?:smiley:

I’ve never seen a forum so selective in terms of answering posts. I’ve written some posts requesting info, and perhaps 50% of them have been answered.:a

I’ve never heard of a DW-50A. I have heard of a DW-U50A, and a DW-P50A though. So which is yours? There isn’t an equivalent desktop model, these are slim drives… Maybe you should write a review.

Not all posts get answered, that’s how life goes.