Which model for verbatim DL discs?

Ok, so i ordered a 20 pack of verbatim DL model: 95310. I found another model:95166 though. So how many different model numbers are there for verbatim dual layer discs? anyone wanna put verbatim DL model’s in order of quality (hehehe).

Hmm I don’t think model numbers will show anything useful. I’ve tried both old DL verbatim and newer DL verbatim, both MKM001 MIT and they produced very good results.

Now some model numbers might mean printable and not printable? Not sure exactly. If you are talking about burn quality then the best way is to compare serial numbers on discs. I also think that’s a waste of time :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm, so basically i should just get whatever verbatim DL discs sell cheaper? THanks cd pirate

[QUOTE=bhome83;2067048]hmmm, so basically i should just get whatever verbatim DL discs sell cheaper? THanks cd pirate[/QUOTE]
Basically yes. But I would still prefer those made in Singapure over made in India ones.

dang, well i just ran threw a 25 pack of memorex DL discs and now i regret backing up/copying dvd’s with it. That is probably why some of the discs freeze or stutter when changing layers.

So is memorex any good? I mean, is it really worth it to spend about 50 cents more per disc for verbatim brand instead of memorex ( i can find memorex 50 pack DL for $50 on the internet).

Do verbatim discs last longer or something? more durable? I need a good sales person to convince me its worth it to spend more $$$ on verbatim :slight_smile:

Does verbatim have the same life expectancy as a regular retail dvd, or does verbatim or blank media in general have a shorter or longer life expectancy than retail dvd’s?

Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it.

One of the more consistent messages you’ll get on these forums is that Verbatim +R DL media is the best dual layer media available. Most everything else is a crapshoot, and the house has loaded the dice.

You will probably want to monitor your Memorex dual layer disks, to watch for further degradation. Hope the information on them wasn’t very valuable.

Retail dvd movies are made differently from disks you can burn. They have a stamped metal layer that contains the data, rather than the dye layer found in dvd recordable disks. Hard to compare their longevity, but I suspect most dye based disks will not last as long. Verbatim is a good choice for recordable disks however, both their single layer and dual layer disks.

hmm, interesting. Didn’t know DVD disks were like that. So when you talk about longevity, how long should i expect DL discs to last? 25 yrs?

I think 5 yrs would be a conservative estimate for Verbatim DL. I’m hoping for twice that, but will watch for deterioration.

So i have really old CD-R’s that i burned probably 7-8 yrs ago and they still read and work fine. There just random brands (memorex, tdk, etc. etc.). Why are these brands lasting so long? im guessing 5 yrs is a REALLY conservative guess on verbatim’s life.

Different animals…different levels of complexity, different types of dyes. Think about it. Cds and dvds are physically the same size. A cd holds 700mb of data. A dvd is rated at 4.7gb. The information is packed in on a dvd differently, using a much smaller pit size. And a dual layer recordable disk is that much more complex, since it has two dye layers to burn.

I recommend testing those Memowrecks CDs with the ScanDisc test of Nero CD-DVD Speed or Disc Speed. Might get some interesting results.