Which model do you recommend



I’m in the market to buy a DVDR and I did a bit of reaserch and found these 3 models that would fit my needs (below). I want to be able to play region free DVDs, able to record from my TV (satellite dish), VCR and DVD (including copy righted or macrovision).
Looks like the lite-on 5005 would be a good device to do all of that using the hacked firmware.
Also, the yamakawa DVR 628 is region and macrovision free (was told that by their tech support).
Also, I just found a great deal on the lite-on LVC 9006 (DVDR + VCR) combo for 250 us dollars. But I’m not sure if there are any hacks to make it macrovision and region free.
250 dollars is my range for buying this device.
I would appreciate any help in deciding which unit to buy.
Thanks a lot.



Unless you get the liteon for dirt cheap…dont buy it. The unit I have 5005 is bug city. And the tuner has bad audio and is mono…double trouble.

With technology running this fast…buy cheap…

If you not using the tuner…it will work pretty good with your changes.

They adverstise 6 hours on DVD and 1 hour VCD…but the quality is worse than my VCR.

I made VCD before…but these VCD quality is very poor. TV is meant to be enjoyed… I recommend 2 hour recording.


thanks thedeadman. The cheapest that I found is 200 or the 5005 and the yamakawa 628. The combo lvc-9006 is 250 and that is the max that I would pay right now.
Any idea where to find them cheap?


I have found the Liteon 5005 at Kmart for $150., I have used it with hacked firmware updates. I like the 3hr recording option.

I cannot comment on the tuner, I am a Directv owner, so I record via svid, or rca inputs. I like the Liteon 5005, just make sure you update the firmware from Liteon’s web site, and get the firmware hacker for this site


Hope this helps.



Thanks PGD44. When did you purchase yours? I can’t find it on their website.
The best deal I found on the net was 200 with taxes and shipping.
I prefer to buy it from kmart so I can return it if there are any issues with it.


I purchased 2 Liteon 5005 models.

One was back in November of 2004
The other was just 3 days ago.

I bought both in a Kmart store. I paid 149, for the first one, and 169 fot the latest one.

Hope this info helps.



Thanks a lot. I will go and check them out this weekend.


one more thing. Is the 5005 newer than the 5006? It shows that the 5005 is newer on their site.
What are the major differences?


strange but no the 5006 is a newer model which has additional functions and a stereo tuner to boot and the 3hr record mode without a hack


Thanks. I think that I will get it from the local store and see how it works.
I don’ want to purchase from the internet since I don’t want to deal with the shipping back and RMAs and that sort of thing.


are you sure the tuner is stereo???


I bought a refurbished Toshiba D-R4 off of eBay. They sell new for $119 and refurbished for around $100, or less. It does not have DV input or any kind of recording guide like TV Guide+ or even VCR+. But, the reason I brought this up is that the recording quality is superb, you can create customized title and chapter screens, and there are a wide range of recording options from preset recording times to user-selectable, to automatic (adjusts bit rate to fit remaining disk space).

I am not well-versed in the other models of Toshiba (with the exception of the XD-RS32 160gb HD recorder), but I would take a serious look at their product line for one that meets your needs.

I fedel that they are quality products at a very reasonable price.

Also, let me mention that I have two Yamakawa 628’s. Unfortunately, they are no longer available in the US (only in Western Europe as the PAL Model 625). The major feature of the 628’s is the ability to copy ANY DVD via its component input. I do not know of any other recorder that can do that. I have made near perfect copies of DVD’s that are not designed to be copied.

That alone is worth getting one.