Which model advice please ( UK )

My 4163B A105 has started to produce burns that wont verify
so time to replace

looking for :_

black model if poss

mix of Verb 8x & 16x (verb pastel and some TY 16X)

Panasonic 16X (TYG03)

TDK Scratchproof 8x & 16x

No riteks etc.

Looking for quality rather than anything else

thanks for your help

Hi , What a good burner the LG 4163 was. :iagree::iagree: I still have mine but dont use it much as i have too many other drives to play with. :bigsmile::bigsmile:

I think you should continue where you left off ??? With another LG. !!

Your 4163 must have burned all your stated chosen media pretty well , so why not get the LG H42N - what is a outcome of a 4163 in a way as it uses a RENESES chipset inside and burns with PCAV on 8,12,16x burning.

I would suggest the H42N. Its been performing well for me lately.

For the H42N look here: http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=331835

For a H42L with lightscribe look here: http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=331011

Indeed, the 4163B is still my favourite burner that I own, even though it’s not so good at 12x-16x anymore.

I too recommend another LG, or maybe a Samsung 18x burner :slight_smile:

My other burner is a BENQ 1640 which seems great for 8x media but i used the LG for everything else

looks like a GSA-H42 is the best option then

What about the lightscribe version ? - GSA-H42L

dont mind a few quid extra if i can dabble with that later but
as long as it burns the same as the normal version

using an old samsung since friday - S162L -making a right racket :frowning:

come back good old quiet LG

Yeah I must admit my Sammy is loud at high speeds, not so bad at mid-speed though (8-12x).

As for the LG, I’d pay the extra few quid and get the LS version. :slight_smile:


I vote for H42L :slight_smile:


thanks - off topic question but you have a liteon - always thought they were a bit noisy ?

as its an lg forum thats my only question on that


+1 for the h42l


my 165p6s is very quiet.

I have a GSA-H22N and a Liteon LH-18A1P. Both are excellent burners. The Liteon is quite noisy compared to the LG.


No problem GARYP2P :slight_smile:

I must recognise that sometimes my Lite-ON SHW-16H5S it was a little bit noisy than my H20L (also H20L seems to me to be a little bit silent than H42L).
But I’m so happy to have such a model of Lite-ONs. Because it’s a very good drive, specially with DVD+Rs. Maybe there are some models from Lite-ON that are more noisy … I heard from others and read here on forum …

thanks for the response - but lets get back on topic

or i’ll be in even more trouble than normal :slight_smile:

The only thing that is different is the lightscribe feature really. The drive in technically the same internally. The only slight downside is that the “L” versions are slower for releasing firmware updates , and things like using buffalo firmware are not out yet for the H42L but are for the H42N.

But in all honesty the drives perform well with the stock firmware so there is no real need for an upgrade. If you dont own another lightscribe unit then go with the H42L IMO, but if you do then the H42N is cheaper for you.

Enjoy. :clap::clap:

Probably going for the H42L myself, as I have quite a few blank Lightscribe media.

It’s ~ £19.50 + Vat for OEM.

how does the H42L perform with ripping speed? does anyone know?

Poor - if it is like my previous LG burners, although there may be a hack to remove any rip-lock?

thats what I was hoping for :slight_smile:

well the riplock remover that is lol

Just bought another LG (I think this is my 6th) - LG GSA E10L. This was mainly due to wanting an external burner for my MacBook. I had tried a BenQ 1640 in a Firewire/USB2 enclosure, but after about 15 coasters this morning, I gave up on it. :frowning:

Congrats, I have the E10N and it’s a quality burner. :slight_smile:

It should arrive tomorrow (hopefully) - it’s the first external burner I have bought so very interested to see how it performs.