Which modded Firmware do you recommend for best results on Nec 2510A?

As the title indicates. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you recommend for best results ?



This is an easy question for the 2510A. Maddog 2.F7! :wink:

It has the most recent writing strategy version numbers plus it supports bitsetting for all kind of + media. The only thing it doesn’t support is to overspeed lots of media types.

Look at The Dangerous Brothers site to get it:

If you want to overspeed lots of media types, search for Herries 1.07v2b5dl!


Thanks a bunch buddy.

I totally agree!!!


To have an overview, I wrote all strategy version numbers together. These are all firmwares I have at home here for the 2xx0A models. I didn’t mention Herries firmwares here, because they have their own strategies. :wink:

Thanks Legnerp - this overview is much needed.

I know that the info can be put together from different threads, but is would be most cumbersome. Perhaps it can be put in one of the sticky threads mentioning modded FW?


Yes, perhaps one of the moderators will put it somewhere. Some people should check, if everything is correct, or if something important is missing.


I’m using 2f7 as well with great results :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

I am also thankful for this thread since I have been wondering the same questions and bouncing between Herrie’s Beta 5 and the Un-riplocked 2.16 firmware. I went and grabbed the Maddog 2F7 from the TDB site and I had a quick question on which firmware to use. I have a 2510 (not 2500->2510) and was confused by the readme description of the three included image files.

2510ORIG.BIN Original binary as supplied
2510FAST.BIN 2100@2500 and Rip Lock Patches
2510RPC1.BIN RPC1, 2100@2500 and Rip Lock Patches

I would like the RPC1 and Rip Lock removal, so I assume I go with the 2510RPC1.bin? Just curious what they mean by “Original binary as supplied”.


The original binary is just that…the rip locked, unmodified firmware that came from maddog. I hope that helps.

real newbie here, if i only want to get rid of riplock what would be the best? i have a 2510 out of the box. right now with shrink it takes me about 15 min at about 5000 kb/sec. approx how fast would it be without rip lock?

Hey guys, along the same lines … what is the “recommended” firmwafer for a 2500a out of the box? :slight_smile: thanks in adv.

Are there really advantages betwen Maddog 2.F7 and herrie’s beta 5 (what i currently use)???

Next Herrie’s firmware is coming

The Maddog firmware has later write strategies than Herrie’s, however, Herrie has faster strategy for some media. I’ve been using 107V2B6 for a few weeks now and have had no problems with it at all. And once Herrie stops fooling around with his girlfriend (I predict 16x DL drives will be out by then! :D) we’ll have a final firmware version for the 2500 series drives. That will truly be a good day. I think either the Maddog or Herrie’s 107v2b5 or b6 would definitely suffice for now on both 2500 and 2510 drives.

(newbie question)

Does Herrie’s 107v2b5/6 have riplock removed?

If so, what are max DVD rip speeds with a hacked NEC2500A?

I consistently saw 8X max.

Is 8X with the stock or hacked Herrie’s firmware?

And what does a rip-lock removed 3500A do in terms of DVD rip speed (stock and hacked firmware)?

Riplock removed (hacked) max at 8X.
For the 3500 look here

Yea, I get around 8x when I rip DVD’s. I find it to be fine. I need to replace my dead Toshi 16x dvd-rom drive one of these days so I can use that for ripping instead of the burning. Using the burner for ripping just adds undue stress on the drive…it’ll last longer if you use it strictly for burning. Not that it’s BAD to use it for reading, but, if you have a dvd-rom drive in the machine, make use of it if you can. And yes, Herrie’s firmware is riplocked. Enjoy!