Which modchip?

Which modchip should I buy for the xbox? I prefer a solderless one. The main goal is being abled to playing much backupped games as possible.

I have the choise for an spider v1.1, xbit v1.1, xenium XP.ICE, XeCuter 3 CE Solderless.

Spider sucks; connectors tend to break off
Xbit is nice, but you have to solder if it’s a 1.5 or 1.6 xbox
XeCuter 3 seems the right choiche.

I just heard about softmod. Is it possible to moderate with just flashing? And is it statisfacting?

ide go with duox 2 very easy 2 install cheap 2 from modchip-store

Wasn’t the “mod” in mod chip for modification? The mod in CDFreaks.com forums is for moderators and the mod in MODEM is for modulation.