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I have to choose between an ASUS a7n8x deluxe and a gigabyte 7-vaxp-a-ultra. Which should i choose, or is it some other that has the same features as tese two, costs lesser and out performs them? Thank you.


What features are you looking for ?

Personall i have more faith in AsusTek than in GigaByte


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Personall i have more faith in AsusTek than in GigaByte

You’ve never had a P4S8X.:Z


See sig. Been using MSI mobos for the past few years, from KT266 to the current nForce2. Sweet mobos, never had a prob w/ 'em.


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You’ve never had a P4S8X.:Z [/B]

P4S8X is a budget board with the SIS chipset you should stay away from anything that carries the name SIS
think the problems are more caused by the SIS chipset instead of the fact that it is an Asus board.

Take a good board without the SIS chipset and you’ll be fine with an Asus


Actually the P4S8X is (was) a performance board, one of the first with 8x AGP and also with firewire, USB2, SATA RAID. And SiS’s current P4 offerings are top of the barrel, I’ve never been more satisfied with a computer I’ve built than my current SiS 655 based solution. And boards released at the same time as the P4S8X and based on the same chipset, for instance the Gigabyte SiS648 board - worked without problems and actually saw many people trading in their P4S8X’s for a similiar board. It was once true that SiS was a budget solution, but it’s not true any longer. Besides, before the Intel 865/875 chipset which only came out recently, SiS was the only real option. Intel’s latest chipset was the 845…not the top performance choice, Via hadn’t gotten their license to manufacture P4 chipsets yet, and the SiS 648 had everything you could want. Asus showed their true colors by releasing a BIOS that lowered RAM speed from 333 to 266, offering 12 beta BIOSes in a row and then abandoning users. I paid for another board out of pocket when my P4S8X should have done me for a year or more, I will never ever buy Asus again. Their support is simply terrible and I think it’s high time they stopped being everyone’s top choice. My Asus DVD-ROM E616 sucks too:Z

From now on my vote goes to Gigabyte or MSI or Abit.


I recommend the Asus A7V600 or the MSI KT6 Delta (I prefer MSI). They’re based on the latest VIA KT600 chipset.


Care to explain why you choose KT600 over nForce2? The latter is superior if you intend to OC in anyway (don’t kid yourself, everybody OCs. If you don’t, get a Dell), and has matured.


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Care to explain why you choose KT600 over nForce2? The latter is superior if you intend to OC in anyway (don’t kid yourself, everybody OCs. If you don’t, get a Dell), and has matured.

I don’t overclock my CPU and I don’t care about that. So, don’t say everyone overclocks because that’s no true.
And I forgot to write, Albatron has some nice budget boards.


Again, if you don’t OC, get a Dell.


My choices would be as follows…

  1. Abit(Good performance, Good name)-they had a few problems with resistors exploding before due to using cheap resistors, but I believe they will not let that happen a second time, they are using brandname resistors now…
  2. Albatron (Good performance/price ratio)- not all places sell them
  3. Asus(Good performance, but too expensive)- Would be a good choice if you were planning on overclocking as it has better support for other parts(e.g., RAM) than other manufacturers.


nforce2 boards still outperform boards based on all other chipsets. here’s an article that compares the latest chipsets.


Originally posted by Stoner
Again, if you don’t OC, get a Dell.

Why do you say “get a Dell” ??


Yeah I was a bit curious too, not everyone who doesn’t overclock would be happy with a Dell…they’re hell to upgrade. Personally I’d rather keep my computer quiet and cool than go for the extra MHz.


From my personal experience, Dell desktops usually SUCK! There laptops are very good. Have no complaints against the notebooks.


Hmmm… if Dell sucks, I wonder why they are selling so many systems? Not that I would ever want to get a retail pre-build system :Z, but which company would you recommend for people who doesn’t know how to build a DIY system and who doesn’t OC?


I would not suggest ANY retail brand (ie Compaq, HP, Gateway, or Dell (except notebooks)) They all have issues. DELL sells so many systems cuz they are soo cheap. They all cut corners like ducting the rear fan to blow over the processors. Also, I am all the time seeing all of the before mentioned brand systems come into the shop to get worked on (Gateway the most). I would suggest getting a local computer shop to custom build your computer. The best thing is they are LOCAL and you can go straight to them for warranty issues, if there be any, and you wont be stuck on the phone for HOURS talking to tech support, getting passed from one person to the next and continuosly getting put on hold.

And no, everyone does not overclock their computer! :slight_smile:



HP Business PCs are great. There are tons of preconfigured systems from places like ibuypowercom and cyberpowerinc.com that use standard parts.


i got a P4S8X and i LOVE it

it is a GREAT board

although the voice thing that says stuff when u turn the computer on can be kindof freaky, i just overrode the speech files with blank audio files… so now its nice and quiet instead of “now booting from operating system”


Hey guys & gals, please stay on-topic. Cotocat wants to know what mainboard to buy, so discuss the greatness or awfulness of OEM systems elsewhere please…

Anyhow, the choice between the mentioned boards is quite simple, if you ask me. As the Gigabyte is based on a KT400a chipset, and the Asus is based on the NForce2 chipset, I’d say go for the Asus, as the used chipset is way faster than the KT400a is. NForce2 is even faster than KT400a’s successor: KT600.