Which method gives better quality?



CXD converting a 2.5 hour AVI video to a single layer DVD.

Is it recommended to use which one of the two methods for the best quality?

(1) Set CXD encode to DVD-5 size and burn the result to single layer DVD. This is the easiest.

(2) Set CXD encode to create a folder of VOB files that targets a DVD-9 in size, thereby making CXD generate a faster bit rate and higher quality MPEG-2. When done, I would use a two-pass DVD SHRINK to do the actual compression and perhaps give better results for a DVD-5 output size than CXD doing it the easy way, in methid (1) above.

In both cases, I would have a DVD-5 single layer output.


2.5 hours should be high quality when converted to DVD5 with CxD.
Unless your original is extremely high quality and has lot of changing scenes and motion - then you might lose a little quality.
Still I would not waste time to do double work for usually unnoticeable difference.



I plan to try it using both methods. In some respects, it brings up the issue of just how good is CXD at being a compressor, like DVDSHRINK, CLONDEDVD2, DVD2ONE, RECODE et al. I am talking about a single title for my example, but someday CXD will be able to handle a whole DVD, complete with menu and all titles. It may take a few years but that would be a unique product that nobody else is even close to accomplishing.