Which memory setup is better?!

What would be a better setup to run at? 1.5GB of pc2100 RAM or 1GB of pc2700 RAM?? would there even be a noticable difference? thanks in advance!

1 gb of pc2700, and if your motherboard can handle the speeds, get the stuff. Unless you are running multiple apps at once, 1 gb is more than enough.

A computers front buss speed is the speed that information can pass through the computer. It would be no good having a very fast processor with loads of RAM if your computers buss speed is only 100MHz because the computer would not be able to get the information to the processor or RAM quick enough to take advantage of them. The front buss speed can be a bottle neck for the information in your computer.

So, it may be a complete waste of money to buy the higher rated RAM unless you know your buss speed.