Which memory for LAPTOP?

Hi. I’m planning to get another 512 MB memory stick for my Asus A6Ne laptop. I checked kingston.com and their search came up with this type: http://www.valueram.com/datasheets/KVR333X64SC25_512.pdf
What scares #%^@#$ out of me is the power consumption = 3.5watts! That means at 2.5V it would draw 1.5 amps - way too much when powered off a battery.
Does anyone knows if it is typical for a mem stick or should I look someplace else? Any help appreciated.

Have a look here > http://www.crucial.com/

Thanks. I found this:
Does it show power consumption somewhere?

Anyone else please? Is there a general consensus on which chips draw more power, Hitachi, Samsung, domestic ones?