Which media?



hi all, i have a NEC DVD-RW ND 3530A installed on my pc iam having problems copying music i have had one recommendation to use a different brand of media as iam using MEMOREX CD-R 52 X 700MB but this will only copy about 3/5 songs in mp3 format i then receive a message to say that the disc is full, so what i need is a brand name i can buy with confidence it will work also to be able to use and delete
hope you can point me in the right direction :doh: :doh: :doh:


Verbatim CD-R media is all that I use. It and Taiyo Yuden is all that’s really recommended for CD-R media.

To use & delete you need CD-RW media & again Verbatim is the one to get.

What are you trying to create , an MP3 disc or an Audio CD?


hi Tim, thanks for the info i want to burn a audio cd for the wife to use in the car can i put mp3 on to audio?


Yes, most programs will allow you to create an audio CD from MP3s. They do a conversion in the background so what you get on the CD is no longer an MP3 but something that will play on audio CD players.

Oh, remember that no matter what you’re making an audio CD from, you’ll only be able to fit about 80 minutes of music on it because of the format that your music is converted to.


What software are you using? Windows itself does not burn audio CDs, you need to use some software of some kind.


For a simple , free app I’d recommend Burrrn (www.burrrn.net). It actually does an excellent job & deals with a multitude of audio formats.


hi, thanks Tim i will now try your recommendations
once again many thanks
regards :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: