Which Media

I just got a LG GSA H10N writer and I don’t know which DVD media to use. This is my first DVD writer.
I was thinking I would get Verbatim DVDs. What speed should I get 4x, 8x, or 16x? Also should I get the regular ones or the DataLifePlus? Thanks

Hi [B]rdoc[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Verbatim is some of the best media you can buy and widely compatible, so it should be good for your LG H10N.

The DataLifePlus name is almost gone now, and it doesn’t have any significance for DVD media (but it still means something specific for CD-R media).

There’s no reason you should try to get 4x rated media for your drive; it’s difficult to find, it will burn slower, it won’t give you better quality, and it will probably be more expensive.

8x or 16x rated media are both good choices for your drive, but 16x rated is probably much easier to find. If it’s important to you to burn as fast as possible, the 16x rated media is the way to go. Otherwise you can just buy whichever is easier to get and/or less expensive.

I second that, Verbatim is excellent quality - however - they can be expensive at times. As usual - names like Taiyo Yuden spring to mind as being excellent. However, these are rare-ish too. Generally - with verbatim - you’d want to buy the faster one if you want to burn fast, but I find that the older verbatims are no worse for quality and it’s some of the recent ones which are more variable in quality. I still prefer 8x batches myself :smiley:

If the LG GSA H10N is your only drive, then you can’t scan your burned discs for quality. Thus you have to trust on brand names and Verbatim is a very reliable brand. Also Verbatim has the lowest price among all the name brands. I would prefer Verbatim DVD+R over Verbatim DVD-R.
For a surficial quality check you should make regularily transfer rate tests with CDspeed.