Which Media & Where Online?


Right i’ve obviously made some bad choices in media as i have yet to find one that plays on both the pc and standalone player. I Have used ritek datasafe, and an unbranded disc. I might aswell add that i have had better results with the unbranded contrary to bad reports on this media.

I’d like to know what you lot find the most reliable media on stand alone players and where i can find good prices online I’m in the uk.

Hope you Can Put Me On The right Path As I Seem To Be Wasting Money At the Moment

My Burner Is A lite-on 451S@851S


Try this supplier, I use the unbranded Taiyo Yudens and the TDKs with no problems at all. I have never had a bad burn on either of these makes, well only ones caused by me…

Infact I ordered some of each yesterday…


I have used unbranded media from maplin (www.maplin.co.uk) which worked perfectly with my old NEC but is useless on my Nu DDW-082. Media code DDD DVDR.

Also have used Datasafe and Infiniti with no problems. Infiniti from ebuyer (www.ebuyer.co.uk) and Datasafe from SVP (www.svp.co.uk).

SVP is now my favoured supplier - very cheap and excellent service. Some excellent offers, especially on -R.