Which media to use?



Hello I bought a Lite-On Dual Layer 16X DVD+/-RW SOHW-1693s (firmware DR16KS09) burner a few months back but am only now starting to use it for burning use…what DVD-RW media is best to use with this drive?..DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RW+/-…I’m confused about all the different options…which is the best option to use with my Lite On drive?



Congrats on your purchase, the 1693S is a fine drive :slight_smile:

I used both -R and +R on mine, it liked both, although I used that drive primarily for -R. Others with the same drive may have different opinions :wink:

Just make sure you buy good media - Verbatim (not the Pearl Whites, unless you like to gamble) or Taiyo Yuden-manfactured discs are highly thought of here. :slight_smile:


There’s no very simple answer (In before Taiyo Yuden![B]edit: ninja’d by Arachne![/B]) but what you want to do with your disks is somewhere to start. RW disks are for burning to and writing over, and are not good for very long term storage due to their crystaline based physical structure. They also don’t tend to be rewritable anywhere remotely near what the manufacturers say!

Lite-on’s used to favour +r media, and I’ve seen posts from lite-on users here that they get better burns with +r. -r should also be fine, and it’s more compatable with [I]certain[/I] dvd-players. Check out the special Lite-On section of these forums, and do a search for your particular drive to get more relevant info.

More important than dash or plus media is the brand and manufacturer. Generaly cheap media is cheap for a reason. For video, any slight issues with the disk is likely to cause more obvious problems than with data, so definitely buy premium disks. Have a browse round the Blank Media section of the forum and see what is being recommended, in particular for your burner and firmware.

Hope that didn’t confuse you more than you started out!


thanks for the info…

since my drive is dual layer that means I can burn on both sides correct?..so I should look for dual layer capable media?..or is it best to use only one sided media?


As always, Arachne’s advice is solid. I also have the same drive…very good burner all around. Mostly use TYs, (-R {TYG02 TYG03}, +R {YUDEN 002 T02), some older +R Ridata and Verbatim DL (MKM 001). Also some others I can’t recall right now…come to think of it, I don’t think it’s ever failed to write to any specific media. As everyone will tell you, always use quality media and you won’t have problems, now or later. TYs are cheap online.
If you want some links, tell us where you live


Yes, you can write to DLs, but both layers are on the same side. Verbatim +R DL is really the only recommended DL media here on cdf.


You cannot burn on both sides with regular media. There are double-sided disks, but I’ve only ever seen those as official pressed dvd’s.

Dual-layer is a different thing, and to use it’s capability you need the special dual-layer disks. Not only are these very expensive, but there are not a lot of makes of them that people have good reports of! You still only burn to one face of the disk.

Unless you absolutely need to back up a DVD-9 100% intact, then I can’t see any reason to use them at all at the moment. DVDShrink can solve that problem to some extent anyway so you can back up to standard dvd. If you must use dual-layer people were recommending Verbatim, but yesterday there was some concern that they were changing dye or something like that. (Unless I was hallucinating!) Check out the Blank Media section of the forum.


thanks for the knowledge…

seems like DVD-RW media follows the same advice as CD-RW media in that it is best to use DVD “R” rather then the “RW” formats…

when I used to have my CD-RW burner I only used Verbatim media…I’ve always preferred Verbatim, never had any issues with them…guess that will continue with my DVD-RW


DVD players will tend to have more playback issues with rws, burners handle them just fine.



I’m not recommending cheap media by any means here, but I find that particular Litey to be very good with non-Verbatim or non-Taiyo Yuden media.

Certainly one of the most tolerant drives I’ve come across.


the firmware that came with the drive is version DR16KS09…but after going to the offcial Lite-On website I noticed that DR16KS0B is the latest one…is it worthwhile for me to download the latest firmware or is the DR16KS09 version good enough?


Certainly update your firmware, if you like. Using the official LiteOn firmware won’t void your warranty, either. :slight_smile:


There’s no cut and dry answers on firmware either! It will very [I]probably[/I] be better, giving more support for newer disks. Give it a try and if you are having problems flash back to the earlier version.


If you buy any RW media then the Verbatim 6x DVD-RW are pretty good & apparently there are some Verb 8x DVD+RW around that give excellent burns.
I’ve got Ricoh 8x +RW which I like alot as well.


I didn’t think it was possible to flash back…


one more question…

the media I should be getting should be labeled 16X correct? since that is the speed of my burner…or should I be getting a lower rated media?


Why not? Unless it’s something about this particular burner :confused: as long as you have the firmwares you should be able to flash back and forward between any version your burner will take to you hearts content.

I don’t know, have a read around the Firmware section and The Lite-On section.


Your burner should be able to handle down to 4x media anyway, so if you find a good deal on some 8x then by all means buy it and burn it at 8x. 16x often works best when burned at 12x as a lot of the technology is still developing.


You can buy whatever speed you like - 4x, 8x, 16x…I tend to use more 8x rated media, but that’s just because I’ve found it at a good price.

I wouldn’t go for 4x, simply because you’ll have a longer wait whilst it burns (I do have some 4x discs, but they’re an exception because they’re Taiyo Yudens that I couldn’t resist - the price was right!) :bigsmile:


Liteons , generally, are very recoverable, even with “bad” or incomplete flashes.
Yes, you can “flash back” with this burner. However, you should read up and familiarize yourself a bit, prior to actually doing it.


Hope this helps.