Which media to use in Toyota Navi

I’ve read the guide here to make a backup of my DVD media in my navi unit in case something happens to it. (Kinda makes sense as a replacement disc costs € 160 + shipping and tax(!)…)

Thanks to the nice guide I found here, I am able to extract the ISO without problems.

The problem is when I burn it again. I was planning on placing my original disc in a safe place, and then using the copy in my navi unit, but I can’t seem to get the unit to read the copy.

My navi unit is the standard Toyota Issue in a LandCruiser 120 GX, 2006. The original disc is the 2006 ver. 1.

Anyone have advice for me? I have tried Verbatim 2.4X DL and Verbatim 8X DL. They seems just fine on my PC, but when the unit tries to read them, I get a read error.

If you have links to places where I could get info on the navi unit, I’d be happy as well. I can’t seem to find much on the net about it.

Thanks in advance.


Why are you starting a new thread here, when it seems the thread you linked to would be the perfect place to ask questions and resolve any problems?

The problem has nothing to do with the media. Go back and read the threads in the copy protection forum more closely.