Which media to get from this store?

Well, I tried searching the forum, but the overload on information about different media codes didn’t make me much smarter… So I decided to start a thread myself.

This is the store where I want to buy some DVD’s:

Can anyone tell me what would be the best DVD’s there? I will be buying DVD+R. I have a tendency to go for the Philips spindle (50 discs) but then again that doesn’t seem too wise considering there’s no media code advertised…

I have a NEC 2500A btw.

Thanks in advance.

Try http://shop.cdfreaks.com :wink:

Oh, didn’t really know there was a store attached to this place… Kind of stupid of me :confused:

But I don’t really have a choice, since someone else is buying it (we’re buying in group)…

My ND-2500A loved MCC002 media, so I’d probably get the Datasafe (MCC) DVD+R 4X and burn 'em at 8x. Gahh, the Datasafe label they put on those sure looks horrid, though.

The Philips 8X DVD+R should be PHILIPSC08 or CMCMAGE01, both should work great in your 2500A.

Thank you all. Wesociety, I’ve seen your pictures of the MAG E01 + 2500A burns, looks very well. I’ll be going for the 50-pack Philips.