Which Media to buy?



I am going to order some new DVD+R 16x Media.

I can’t make up my mind if to get Yuden, ProDisc or Verbatim. What would you guys suggest for me to get. I have two LH-20A1P with KL0N FB-FBL-EOS-EOHT III. I am solely burning DVD backups for archiving. I like speed over quality.
The last batch of MAXELL (RITEK F16) was pathetic! Couldn’t get it to burn any faster than 5.9x. I am sick of substandard Media.


Verbatim can achieve both : Speed + Quality :slight_smile:


I would stay away from Maxell unless it is Made in Japan Maxell 003 16x +R… I’d agree that Verbatim can be superb at high speeds, but there are also quite a few substandard batches. We are all pretty tired of substandard media, but we all get bad batches at one point.


The problem is, you never know what you get. it doesn’t say on the package who made them. In this case Maxell was a Ritek F16. You say there’s Maxell made in Japan, and they’re better. Well you can’t tell by the package, so no more chances, Maxell is out for me!