Which media player is in your opinion?



topic said…

Microsoft’s WMP7 did a very good job when i had the SBlaster PCI128…I used it mainly for Audio CD’s, and Winamp for MP3’s, sound quality at that time was fantastic.

Now with my new Sblaster Live! 5.1, WMP7 sounds like sh*t, not to mention that whenever i enable DMA for my cdrom under W2K, it crashes instantly. Still its the only prog that its digital playback works for audio CD’s.

I want the best sound quality out of my sblaster, so what program would you suggest? Or ideas on how to get Digital Audio CD Playback to work with winamp.

thanks in advance


I use MusicMatch Jukebox. It is such a class program and it has many functions that can be used very easily. I sugest that u go to www.musicmatch.com so u can download it and test it out!