Which media is best on Pioneer 110?



Here in Egypt , there is no TY or other fancy quality Media .
I can only find the following :
1-Daxon AZ2 “Benq 8x DVD+R” Media
Here it is :


2-Sony 8x DVD+R “SONY D11” Media “very expensive”
DPR47S2 looks exacly like this :


3-Ridata 16x DVD+R and DVD-R Media “didn’t buy any and don’t know the code for them”
But they look exactly like this :


Which one of these are best for the longest archival life ?
I have a Pioneer 110 “ASUS 1608P2S” and put a lot of Movies that I download or rip on the DVDs , I don’t want that some day I try to play a disk and the data on it is lost :a


Nothing lasts forever…

Check this both listings:


I know that nothing lasts forever , but at least for some years , not just weeks as it happened with me with 20 disks “LG CMC MAG E01” disks :a