Which media has Coreless printing

Besides HP DVD R media which has coreless printing, are there any other types of media that have that? Only Microcenter carries the HP printable media, and it’s a boatload of cash. Thanks.


If you mean hub printable media, just about every major DVD media manufacturer offers it.

What I mean is, which ones offer the most printable area around ther hole. Some, I mean most except for HP’s have a wider hole than they do. When you actually copy a DVD, you lose some of the graphic due to the hole size.


Then you mean hub printable, as two has said. Try looking at on-line shops, though we would need a country before we can recommend any places to look.

I do. I amin the US. HP is the only brand I have seen so far that has that option. Thanks.


You aren’t going to find many hub printables in stores, but online you can find them everywhere, including Amazon.com or Buy.com.

I believe rima.com is a good place to go to.