Which media for 48x or 40x



I updated my 40125W to 48125W (VS02).

I have tried Fuji 700MB 32X media but SmartBurn only allows 32x speed.

I wonder which media will work at 40x or 48x speeds with SmartBurn enabled.

Is a list of working media types / brands available ?


So far I have only see TDK Gold disks that have been 40 speed and that has been it. I cant say that I have seen any 48x disks around yet. I’m sure they cant be too far away


I use BENQ CD-R (Used to be Acer)

Works perfect up to 48X. 0 errors. :slight_smile: Smart-BURN: ON


Webbpage: http://home.bip.net/mikaj/40125w/

Abit KT7-RAID Bios: YH (The best stable bios on my config.)
AMD Tbird 800@1000 Mhz (100x10 = 1000 Mhz) 100% stable!
SBLive! 5.1
2 x IBM 75GXP 30 Gb RAID 0
512 Mb SDRAM Samsung CAS 3
HP 8200i (Rebaged: Sony CRX-120E)
Lite-On 40125W @ 48125W Firmware: VS02
Pioneer DVD A03
Teac 540E


I beleive Memorex has a 40x cdr out…never used it though…


I use Traxdata 24 speed,they burn at 48 speed using vs02 no problems at all,no errors,perfect.
These Traxdata are manufactured by Ritek,there excelent,underated too


check out the info on burns done by me with VS02 and ZS0J:



Are the speeds mentioned in your post actual burn speeds (with Smart-Burn enabled) ?

How can one see which type of disks are in a box / which type of disks is sold under which brand ?

For instance TDK sells 40x discs, both Ritek and CMC. How do you know what you get when you buy a box in the shop ?


Ritek 32x certified media can be burnt @ 48x with Smartburn on. Prodisc 24x can be burnt @ 40x with Smartburn on. Both gave 0 errors


I am not sure there is a wat to tell Ritek vs CMC unlessit is on the label…you should be able to tell what country…japan vs taiwan


I used CDR-Identifier. What I do is take 1 CD as a sample, look at the ATIP and then go back to the same store and buy from the same spindle. (This is one time I wish there there was a portable CDR Identifier around :stuck_out_tongue: )

This isn’t as tough as it sounds since I’m a frequent customer and the stores I buy from are usually the small ones. They give better/personalised service and are also willing to reserve some material…

Quite a far cry from the Best Buys and Walmarts…

Incidentally, with most CD-R manufacturing plants bought from the same manufacturer, I don’t think it really matters where the CDs are manufactured. :slight_smile: