Which media do you prefer?

Ok, recently there have been alot of sales of the good media (ty, yuden etc.). Best buy had the fuji TYG02s, Staples had the Sony +R Yuden0002, and office depot had the Maxells MXLRG01, MXLRG02.

Which do you guys prefer out of these three choices?

I’m personally a TY man myself and go with the -R since I do alot of videogame console backups. I guess it really depends what you plan on doing with your backups.

I like TY, Maxell and AMC(MID KIC) DVD-Rs. Dont know if you get KIC outside of Japan…

I picked up some Maxells at Office depot yesterday(4.99 for a 15 pack) dvd-r mxl Rg02. I have a pack of the same maxell dvd-r I got last week and they are TYG01. Don’t remember where i bought them but as you can see they are different manufacturers. I also go some Maxell dvd+r at office Depot and they are ricohjpnR01, and I got Memorex dvd+r which are CMC E01. All these are on sale for 4.99 a 15 pack. I’ve had no problems with any of them so far. All are 4x disc. I’d prefere the TYG01’s but even the cmc’s I’ve had good luck with. O I messed up. The Memorex dvd+r’s cmc E01’s are 8x

No preference here. If I get good results/burns, I’ll buy them (applies to any discs).

I would agree with most here and say TY is the very best :iagree: Also, have you noticed how well the two halves are put together on TY media? Very smooth, very high quality. No glue bumps. Looks like a disk that should last a long time.

I exclusively use TDK 8x DVD-R, TTG02. Only ever burnt one coaster with it - the first disc on a spindle.

All the media you listed is fine. Generally speaking, any media made in japan is decent.