Which manufactures are still in existence?



I see BeAll still maintains its website, but there seems to be no update for years and I can’t find any BeAll product on the market.

Taiyo Yuden still makes and sells optical discs. TY’s own brand is That’s and I can see South Korean retailers selling That’s BD-R media in spindle cases and 5mm jewel cases. Since the Taiyo Yuden group is now part of JVC, TY media are sold under the JVC brand name outside Japan and South Korea (and probably also Greece.)


[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2697203]I wonder why we never have access to these rare and obscure ones in Britain, or indeed America?

The most I’ve seen seems to be sludge from CMC, Ritek, MBI, or faked TY codes. (Though I’ve never had UMEDisc, wouldn’t want to either :Z )

It would be interesting if these companies could access Britain or America, see what these alien companies can offer :)[/QUOTE]

You may have an access to them even without knowing it. 95% of second and third tier producers now produces media with fake MID codes (usually TY, MCC and Ricoh), so if you buy any such media (typically sold under no name, little known or local brands) there is a big chance that they came from some obscure manufacturer from China or Hong Kong.


Shanghai Suncd Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. ([B]China[/B])

Established 2004

Mr. Jian Qiao (Business Owner)
Ms. Ivy Chi (Sales Supervisor)


[QUOTE=cristyro;2702091]Shanghai Suncd Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. ([B]China[/B])

Established 2004

Mr. Jian Qiao (Business Owner)
Ms. Ivy Chi (Sales Supervisor)[/QUOTE]

This company does not seem to be making optical recordable discs.


Global Digital Disc GmbH & Co. KG in Ottendorf-Okrilla (Germany) was apparently still active in 2015 and possibly even now. Anybody from Germany willing to make a call ( +49 35205 596050) to settle this question? :grinning:



The number does not exist

Here it says they are active, last updated 15 Feb 2018

And here you can read liquidation in 20 Mar 2017


One thing has always puzzled me about GDD - they did not seem to have any web site or a public email address and no own brands that I know of.
Almost as if they were trying to have as low profile as possible.

Perhaps the company is de facto dead but the liquidation process has not been formally finished yet.


Silver First Ltd. from Bulgaria still seems to exist.


Never heard of them.

Did they only produce CD-R?


AFAIK they produced only CD-Rs and pressed CD and DVD media.
But there were also other optical media producers (2 or 3 more) in Bulgaria and some were probably responsible for extremely rare and obscure MIDs such as EZOSDVDR.