Which Litey writer to get

OK, pretty much decided on the brand now…
Question is which drive…
The nominees are …

LTR-52246S $106.22
LTR-48246S Retail $94.40
LTR-48246S OEM $89.68

All prices in Canadian dollars… don’t freak out…

Should I grab the 48 and flash it to 52, or is the 52 actually superior in any way? (one for you everclocking freaks)
If I do go for the 48 is there a worthhile differece to grab the retail over the OEM? I suppose I should check warranty options on both… otherwise the $5 saves half the shipping cost :slight_smile:


http://www.canadacomputers.com/optical.html have LiteOn for
LiteOn 48x24x48 OEM $81
LiteOn 48x24x48 Retail $86
LiteOn 48x24x48 (black) OEM $85
LiteOn 52x24x52 Retail $103

grab 48/24/48 , I grab ones and it work perfect until now :smiley: :smiley:

I thinks 52x is useless, a couple s faster is not enough for me to pay 20 bucks more :smiley:

er…well…if the 52X is “useless” then by definition so must the 48X be which you bought and say is better???
You have saved money but admit you have a useless product or is it less useless than a 52X despite the 52X being the fastest CDRW in the world???
Has logic deserted you? An emotive term like “useless” hardly borders on the scientific and I suspect, neither do you…

:bigsmile: :cool:

hehe, looks like I started something…
Canada computers lists several retailers… some may list cheaper prices, but have higher shipping etc… I’m waiting to see how the last guys I chose perform on delivery…