Which Liteon's have stereo tuners?

It looks like it’s hard to determine that from specs on the website. There are conflicting reports too from different users. I was thinking of compiling a list from real users that would clearly and once for all state which Liteon models have stereo tuner. Can we get that going?
o far I got replay that:

500x - Mono
5115GHC - Mono
5045 - Stereo

How about
5006 ?
5104 ?
9006 ?
9015 ?

Well, since I got no replies, I guess nobody here owns a Liteon unit.
Maybe this will help someone else, just bought 5006 and it’s definitely mono, it’s going back.
I’m starting to think that ALL NTSC versions have mono tuners.
I never saw anything about SAP or MTS in any manuals, so that would support my theory.

It’s a pity that none of the US models mention anything about whether they have a mono or stereo tuner. Here in Europe, it is quite straight forward to see if VCRs or DVD recorders have a Stereo tuner, since if it does not say ‘Nicam’ anywhere in the manual, box or specifications, it has a mono tuner. However, interestingly while my LVW-5045 doesn’t mention ‘Nicam’, it does mention “Stereo/Main/SAP/Mono” for the tuner specification in the manual. I can confirm that my LVW-5045 has a Nicam stereo tuner, for example when I see a vehicle fly by the screen, the sound goes from one speaker to the other; following the action.

I downloaded the US LVW-5045 manual and the section about Stereo, SAP, Main and Mono sound selection has been cut out, which means it looks like if you haven’t found any manual mentioning about the audio selection, then it looks like LiteOn don’t make stereo DVD recorders for the US market. :rolleyes:

The following is the audio selection on my LiteOn LVW-5045 (European model):

That’s exactly what I was looking for in the manuals. It seems that none US manuals mention anything about SAP/Mono/Stereo. It’s pretty funny that you have that section in EU market and it’s cut out for US. I think it’s a shame that Liteon is trying to save 5 bucks and make otherwise superior machine, pretty unapealing for the RF recordings. I for one refuse to be stack in the 50’s and listen to mono audio and will be looking at other makes.

as I remeber it the web-site says 5045 in general are all stereo --I should call liteon at their new phone # for tech support.

This is the official response:

Dear Sir ,

Thanks for contacting LiteOnit Customer Service.
Our recorder products (NTSC models), previously and currently shipping, DO not
have Stereo TV tuner inside except LVC-9016.

I don’t even see this 9016 anywhere on the web. I wonder where you can buy it from.

I got one at COSTCO ($198). It’s a combination VCR/DVD recorder, basically an updated version of the LVC-9006.


My Costco IN, had some 5115 and previously had 5005 but do not have any other models, I wonder why.


My 1105HC has MONO only, checked. I can only route the Cable TV trough RCA jacks to get stereo audio.

Yea, it is a shortcoming. My 5045 is stereo, my 5005 is mono. I also have an ILo that I think is stereo but I haven’t checked as I use it for news. Still sounds good though.

Now==the Ilo will record up to just under 8 hours while the Liteons go about 6hr 20min. The difference is the amount of space taken up by audio. NOW–given Liteon uses alot of mono setups==why don’t they atleast switch the the audio coding Il0 uses? Silly that they take the space of stereo and only provide mono???

How is that “good engineering design?”