Which liteon?



primary use scanning, ripping
secondary use burning dvd’s on premium media



At the moment i wouldn’t by any liteon drive untill they sort out the firmware problum with -R disks and the lead in gap.After they have sorted it the drives will be good again.


Get any of the 6S (or failing that, the 5S) series drives. For your intended purposes, I’d go with the SHW-160P6S. Excellent drive, except for burning DVD-R discs (the aforementioned lead-in problem) but a new firmware that fixes it should be out soon.

Of course, keep in mind that Lite-Ons have a riplock and Omnipatcher doesn’t yet support patching 5S and 6S firmware.


well the riplock can have it’s advantages, as long as the reads are good, not writting
-R media is not, most of my critical video backups go on TY-G02’s or 03’s.

does a 1693 scan better than a 6S series drive?


Yeah, the reads are quite good, and I’ve seen it peak at ~6800 kB/sec (~4.9x) – not exactly sluggish. The drive is very silent throughout the process, unlike my BenQ which sounds like a turbine engine at times.

The -R write quality is very good, it’s only that the lead-in issue makes it difficult for some standalone DVD players to recognise. There are already test firmwares for other 5S and 6S models that have fixed the lead-in problem (and added new features). The 160P6S should receive its on Monday, if not earlier.

Not sure if the 1693S is a better scanner, but I’d guess they’re both about the same.


thanks alexan,
160P6S it is!


You’re welcome :slight_smile: When you get your drive, update to the latest firmware – test or stable. I’ve upgraded to PV7U (the current test FW) and it has fixed the lead-in issue.

Have fun :slight_smile:


The 1693S is the best scanner I have ever owned - sorts out old disks much more accurately than any other - accepting disks which are still not too bad and rejecting disks which really are bad.

If any other Liteon is better I would like to know as I would be happy to buy another writer.


Have you compared it with any of the 5S and 6S series drives?


hi guys, this is my first post. im gonna buy a DVD-RW soon. i think Lite-On is my choice based on what i have read here & based on the support this forum is giving to it. 12,000+ threads vs the rest is just convincing. but i still want to get your opinion of what im goin to buy. i havent owned any DVD Drive yet. i only got a sony cd-rw here. im from the Philippines & Lite-On drive here got cheapest price…

what version of lite-on do u suggest for me to buy?

this is wats available in the pricelist:

Lite-On SOHW 160PS = 2,750 Php (53.82 USD)
Lite-On SOHW 1693S = 2,550 Php (49.90 USD)

other drives:

LG 16x GSA Dvd-Writer = 2,600 Php (50.88 USD)

SONY DRU-810A = 3250 Php (63.60 USD)
SONY DW-G120AB2 = 2820 Php (55.77 USD)


thnx in advance guys! more power to this forum! :iagree:


I don’t understand why the 1693s should be considered unless it’s significantly cheaper; it was a good drive for its time, but there are many newer drives with better functionality.

Out of that list, I would get the 160P6s because of the plethora of utilities now available for it (booktyping, hypertuning, overspeed, rpc1)


Well then, convince me why i [I]shouldn’t[/I] get this LITE-ON 16X DVD±R DVD Burner White ATAPI/E-IDE Model SHW160P6S03 - OEM for $37 shipped :bigsmile:


I would be quite happy to get a more modern Liteon – to be used only for scanning---- if a new Liteon was more reliable as a scanner. Do you have any thoughts on whether the 160P6S is a better scanner ?


I can’t comment on 6S drives, I don’t use it for scanning. I use my 1635s extensively, and the results @8x are not very different from older liteons @4x


this is a noob question… but what is scanner? i dont have any idea… i know it burns disc but what is “scanning”?


Maybe I am old, but I still stick with the 1693s…if you get a good one it’s going to be hard to beat. I haven’t used any of the 5’s or newer yet. When I got this 1693 that I have now, I had a Benq1640…I wasn’t a bad drive, I guess I just have had more time with Liteon. I had a chance to get either the 1635 or the 1693…this was back when they still were having a major problem with the 5’s firmware. If and when I buy another drive unless something changes drastically it will be another 1693s. This is strictly opinion, and based on my own performance.



@slimzky: scanning a disc analyses its error levels and is considered a good indicator of burn quality and media quality. Read more:


I haven’t owned a 1693S, but the 5S and 6S series drives are newer, will be officially supported longer, and receive newer features.

Generally, Lite-On drives have consistently improved with each generation, so I’d go for a 6S drive.