Which LiteOn DVDRW is the best?

Hi all

I own a LG DVDRW GSA-4040B. I am not much impressed with it. So I want to purchase another DVDRW hopefully LiteOn one.

So which model do you guys prefer the most?

1213S- doesn’t support DL
832S- supports DL
812S- Supports DL with unofficial firmware.

I also ordered for DVD+R9 100pcs, so i want a DL Dvdrw.

I want to ask whether 1213S will support DL writing in future with firmware upgrades (official or unofficial)?

And which one is good out of 832S and 812S?

So which DVDRW do u recommend the most?

Thanks in advance!!

waiting for your reply!!

Hi there…

You ordered how many pieces of DL media?! :eek:

In that case, get the 832S. At least in the US, it’s not that much more expensive. And I’d feel a bit safer having a drive that can officially write DL, esp. given how expensive those things are.

The 1213S is, so far, not a very good deal. It might support DL in the future, but that is iffy, and you should not count on that.

That would also be my decision. Liteon 832S for the same reason, officially supported DL (and the rest like booktype for +R). I was contemplating NEC-2510 but … again I feel safer with official firmaware that does what’s needed… (not that there’s anything wrong with Herrie’s fw) and also NEC’s cd writing is kind of an unknown to me.

I am still trying to create a little compilation of “good” and “bad” media for 832S while browsing thorugh these forums. (Man it really scared me first time I saw the level of detail you have to know about media for current crop of dvd recorders… brand, make, version, batch… jeez… what a mess).

Here’s a little list of what I can get here… “good”/“bad” comments are welcome:

  • Generic DVD+R 4.7GB, 8X, 10-Pack $23.00 CA
  • Imation DVD+R 4.7GB, 4X, 25-Pack $52.00 CA
  • Ritek DVD-R 4.7GB, 4X, 50-Pack $60.00 CA
  • Maxell DVD-R 4.7GB, 4X/Printable, 50-Pack $95.00 CA
  • Verbatim DVD+/-R 4.7GB, 4X, 50-Pack $82.00 CA
  • Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R Printable, 4.7GB, 4X 50-Pack $110.00 CA
  • Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R Printable, 4.7GB, 8X 50-Pack $109.00 CA
  • Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB, 8X, 10-Pack $22.00
  • Verbatim DVD-R 9.4GB Double-Sided, 40Pack $349.00 CA [double-sided not double layer]


I think this can help you: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia

Thanks for your replies!!!

I will go for 832S. Ya it officially supports DL.



If the latest firmware of 832S create problem for me (as mentioned in several posts) i will use US0N for the timebeing until a new firmware is released for 832S. (So i have to be without DL support for sometime)