Which Liteon DVD Recorder to buy?

hi all
i am a longtime liteon user(cdrom and cdrw)i have decided to order a new liteon dvd recorder but as i am new to this i thought this would be the best place to ask a few questions.

first off let me say that i have been lurking here for a couple of weeks ,going over the forums and trying to decide which liteon drive would be best for me.
wow these things are very confusing with so many models and so many firmwares and different types of media.

some things that are important to me:
good compatability over wide range of media.
good quality recordings(data or dvd movie backups)
good compatibility with my home dvd player(eh8181)
good compatability with computer dvd readers(laptop and desktop)

in my research it seems that the 411s is a good stable recorder over a wide range of media,unfortunatly that model is not available to me.the 451s which seems to be a replacement for the 411s is available to me.

how does the 451s compare to the older 411s?

the 811s and the 851s also seem similar ,how do these compare to each other?

if money was not an object would the sohw-812s be a good and recommended choice.

well i await the forums decision on which liteon dvd recorder i should buy.
this should be interesting reading
thanks in advance,jeff


hi again
darned i could not find that thread in a forum search.
after reading it i went with the sohw-812s retail box.
thanks for the info