Which liteon CDRW do you own?

Im curious, which liteon-drives do you people have? (ofcourse IF you own one!). And what are your experiences with it?

please vote also here

greetz theunbeatable

TDK CDRW241040B (LTR-24102B) - Great drive, but it can’t burn slower than 2x. It is retired to its box right now.

Memorex 48MAXX 2448AJ (LTR-48246S) - Great Drive, very fast. Flashed with LTR-52246S firmware and it works great.

I have two TDK 40x12x40b models. I have these in one system along with my Pioneer A05 DVD-r. I use the TDK (Lite-On) drives to burn two at a time for mass duplication. I love the drives as they look nicer than the plain jane Lite-Ons, but I paid 20% more for that.

Lite-on LTR-16012B (16x10x40)
Burned over 10,000 cds on it. Its a few years old and still works great.

1x LTR48246S
1x LTR52246S

LTR-32123S (Bought as Cendyne)
LTR-48125W (Bought as Lite-On)
LTR-52246S (Bought as Buslink)

They’ve all been great for reading, writing, ripping, whatever.

EDIT: rdgrime’s post reminded me that this was not strictly about CD-RWs, so I’ll add


Well, the 485S is long disconnected, but I remember that it was fast and loud. Back when I used it I didn’t do CD imaging or DAE so performance in those areas is unknown to me. 165H is fast reader, in DAE too unless EAC secure mode is used (that is what my 52246S is for). 165 is pretty quiet IMO.


Also LTD-163D and LTD-166S

As you can tell, I really hate LiteOn drives. :wink: The only problems any of them have ever had were user-induced. The 52x drive has run several hundred discs, and I swear it’s getting better all the time.

plus the ones in my sig. i hate lite-on with a passion, it’s only coincidence i keep ending up with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

LTR-48125W Nice!
LTD-166S Also Nice!
Cyberdrive CW078D:Z
Actually the Cyberdrive is supposed to be a good drive but others and myself had problems with the firmware. Terrible support from Cyberdrive. Problem is supposed to be corrected (3 months later). As soon as I get time I am going to install a PCI IDE controller so I can make room for it and try it out.

Just to add to the thread:

1 - LTR-52246S (buslink)
1 - LTR-48246S (buslink)
2 - LTR-40125S (buslink) - flashed to 48125W -
1 - LTR-40125S (Liteon)
1 - LTR-24102B (Liteon) - not in use now, in original box.

I like my Liteon drives :smiley:

But I also have 4 other slower non-Liteon CDRW’s
and a Yamaha CRW-F1 external USB2.0 drive.

I bought the LTR-52246S and got the new f/w (not that the old f/w was a prob its just newer so i put it on) and its awsome, I use it for all my reading now as well. Its made perfect copies of everything so far under A120%, Clone, DDump/Fireburner combo and Disc Juggler. Of course you gotta use the right prog for the right job, but the LTR-52246S has never failed me yet. Its a great drive.

Ltr-24102B (and also have an Ltd-163). Maybe a little dated now but both still great drives. :smiley:

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that sig looks mighty familiar neonspyder. :stuck_out_tongue:

40125s broken?

Nec dvd (liteon163)

Got my first LiteOn just over a week ago and it’s great. Never let’s me down and coupled with an Asus reader I have no trouble copying games.

LiteON 52246S (bought as LiteON)

perhaps i should post a poll about the liteys being used…

Good idea. Here’s a list of the LiteON burner model numbers:


ok tnx for the site, now i will make a poll…

greetz theunbeatable