Which Liteon best for scanning

I can choose between these ones:
LiteOn LH-20A1S (SATA)
LiteOn LH-20A1L (SATA)
LiteOn DH-20A4P (ATA)
LiteOn DH-20A4H (ATA)

I would prefer SATA, also cheaper.

They’re all equal in their scanning abilities.

With that said, no 2 drives scan exactly alike. But all the drives you listed tend to be somewhat similar in their scanning. There is no “best” from that list, really.

Just decide whether or not you want LightScribe. A1L has LightScribe, A1S doesn’t.

Note the A1x drives are somewhat older, just for the sake of knowing. That shouldn’t have much of an impact. Quality of the drives are pretty much equal.

I agree with [I]Albert[/I]'s suggestions :iagree:

I can also add to be careful when you buy a SATA drive, because some SATA controllers embedded in mainboards are not fully compatible with optical drives, mostly the RAID ones :frowning:

I have had SATA drives for 2 years, so I don’t think I will have problems with Liteon.
Good to know the difference between A1L and A1S, I don’t need LS.

I went through these scans and I see that DH-20A4P shows jitter and LH-20A1S does not:
Actually I don’t know much about jitter, but if it is of great importance when scanning burn quality, I need to know which of these drives support jitter scanning, probably the 2 ATA drives?

I heard Liteons are great for scanning at 4x speed, but if they are also good writers, it could replace my 7203S.