Which? Liteon 812s or BenQ 1620?

Which one would be considered the better quality recorder? The Liteon 812S (8x) or the BenQ 1620 (16x). Don’t let the speed fool you. I will probably be burning all or most of my media at 4x. Why? Seems like people get better results burning at slower speeds plus I’m a cheap bastard and I buy whats on sale :iagree:

The Benq 1620 have my vote, because of better burn quality. Mine require high quality media, and in return I get exellent burns.

High quality media don’t cost much theese day, that’s why I only buy quality stuff.

Generelly the LiteON DVD burners I have owned, had problems with mid or low quality media.

If you only will buy low quality media, you better consider a NEC 3500.