Which Lite-On

My Lite-On 401S needs to be replaced. It’s drive tray seems to be popping DVDs out when it ejects, so that they sometimes get stuck, so before I damage a DVD, I better get a new drive.

Anyway, this weekend I tried an expensive $120 Plextor drive, which wouldn’t even buffer. And then a $80 LG GSA-H10L (BestBuy is probably overpricing this stuff too) and after 4 burns it already made a coaster out of one of my DVDs.

Not really sure why I have such bad luck with burners, but my Lite-On 401S hasn’t made a coaster for as long as I can remember, so I’m gonna stop messing around with these expensive drives that don’t work and order a Lite-On off of NewEgg.

My question though is that there are so many models of Lite-On that I’m not sure what is the latest and greatest.


Hi Ravynmagi, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The various 160P6S part-numbers are just packagings with different colour faceplates. The drive is the same.

165P6S = 160P6S + DVD-RAM capability
165H6S = 165P6S + LightScribe capability

Other than that the three drives are identical.

So depending on whether you need or want DVD-RAM and LightScribe, you can chose the drive with the capabilities you need.

In the last month i have bought 4-160P6S LiteOn drives. :iagree: My vote goes for the 160. :bigsmile:

I’ll second the vote for a Liteon 160P6S. The Pioneer 111L or 111D would be a good 2nd
choice in fact I would buy them both and I did. Both were around $30.00 each with free
shipping from Newegg.

Thanks for your answers everyone.

What makes the 160 a better choice over the 165?


The drive is not better than the 165. The only advantage over the 165 may be the slightly lower price due to the lack of DVD-RAM and Lightscribe support.


I’m sure the 165 is a great burner. I have burnt 80+ DVD’s and about 70 CD-Rs (lost count) in the last month with my 160. It’s worked flawlessly and not one single coaster. :bow: :cool: :clap: :iagree: