Which Lite-on to buy 48125w or 48126s

Which is the better of the two and which one will be more upgradeable. (like flashing a 32x to become a 48x)

The 6 will probably be clockable to 52X but thats as far as the technology will go, to be honest buy the cheapest or just be happy with what your sent.

I’d suggest the 6, at the least it should be upgradeable to a 52X24X48x and who knows what more. I think the 5 is at the end of the line.:cool:

Hmmm…well, my 48X12X48 is in the prime of its life…:smiley: . All things aside, 52X burning hasnt enticed me yet…hehe

With the 48125, we have a known entity, however we have yet to see how the 48126 will behave with flashing firmwares, media compatability and such. Unless you really gotta have 24x RW capability, there’s not much to be gained with that drive.
Then again, the 40125S can now be had for $55 at NewEgg.com :bigsmile:

Of course, my Liteon 48246S (flashed from a TDK) works perfectly (so far). No media problems and no coasters. Can’t wait for 24X CDRW but it may be a long wait.:cool:

We also have yet to see if the new 24x RW media is any more reliable than the current breed.

Of course, and maybe Mt. Rainier will really work in the future.

it should be upgradeable to a 52X24X48x

Ken, it cannot be like that - 52X24X48x. The writing speed cannot be higher than the drive’s reading capability. At least it should be equal like 48- 48, 52- 52. Don’t you agree with that ?


In case if you’re new with all that you’d rather go for what rdgrimes suggested you :
< the 40125S can now be had for $55 at NewEgg.com >
Anyway, the “5” chipset is the past, the “6” one’s the current day and future.

That makes sense. I guess the next one will be a 52X24X52X. The problem is that it will take forever to get rewriteable disks that go up to 24X. I wonder how long it will take to get 52X CDR’s?

My next purchase probably will be a 48x USB2 drive. I hope that eventually someone makes it possible to backup to a usb2 drive and to permit recovery to a usb2 drive. :cool: