Which lite-on is which




I am looking to purchase a lite-on cd-rw specifically the ltr-24102b. I looked at the lite-on web site and there is 2 different 2410 models. I live in australia and every dealer i have spoken to says "there is no such thing as the ltr-24102b only the ltr-2410" So my question is if I buy the ltr-2410 will this be the same one as the ltr-24102b. the other 2410 model is the ltr-24103s what is the difference in these 2 as the web site has exactly the same specs for both. Is one internal and the other external. if you know could you PLEASE HELP me out.



The LTR-24102B is the old version, it’s been replaced by the 24103S.
Some dealers may still have 24102B in stock though…
The switch from 24102B to 24103S was around january so you should be able to find a 24103S.
The 24103S is just a rebaged 32x, so you can update it to 32x!


Thanks for your help dude.

one more question though can all lite-ons copy, copy protected cd’s (e.g sd2.51.xx, securom “new” etc.) or only specific models.

thanks again:D


all the writers can do the same thiiing, just at differet speeds from the 24x forwards [the 40x has a few new features]

i got a 24102B and it can bachup SD 2.51.xx like

the 24103s. 32103s and the 40x

id get the 24103s - cos it has the same features as the 32x, can be overclocked to a 32x and costs less! besides, even if ihad a 32+x i wouldn’t wirte at over 24 x very often and it only saves you 30 seconds!! :wink:


thank you very much for your help:cool: :cool:


i have liteon’s in stock, about 2 left i think, the one your after, email me if you like. admin@warcom.com.au