Which Lite-On DVD burner to buy?

I am new to DVD-burning and have been lurking on this forum for a couple days now. I am looking for a reliable drive that will allow me to backup my commercial dvds as well as data on my harddrive.

I been using a Lite-On CD Burner for almost 2 yrs now and am very happy with its performance, so I would like to buy a 8x DVD burner of the same brand.

However, I cant decide which one to buy.

  1. LDW-811S
  2. LDW-851S
  3. SOHW-812S
  4. SOHW-832S

Can anyone make any recommendations?

. I would prefer to pay under $100-120 for the drive.
. My system specs: P4 2.53GHz + 512 ram + GF4 Ti4200 128mb video + 160gb (120 + 40) harddrives.


What is the best media (brand) to use for backing up commercial dvds?
What software is best for making backup of commercial dvds? (CloneDVD2 or DVDFab).


I would suggest the 812S, because there isn’t any DVD+R DL media available, and you can always upgrade to an 832S, and I’m not sure if you can find a 832s under 120$, well not where I live…

I would definitely take the 851S over the 811S any day, especially since the two usually cost about the same.

I would definitely take the 812S over the 851S any day, especially since the 812S cost only a few bucks more than the 851S, and that difference is a very small price to pay for what I think is a better drive.

If you want to be able to burn double-layer (DL) media (though you should read this before taking DL into consideration too much), then you should buy the 832S. Although it’s possible to convert a 812S to a 832S if you want DL, it’s best to support the company and help them recoup their DL R&D costs.

So… get either a 812S or a 832S.

Thanks for the response

I tried looking for the SOHW-832S (online store) but couldnt find any for sale. Also I read in a review that the 832S is approx. $159…which is a little outside my budget.

I found the SOHW-812S drive at newegg.com for $87.00 and I think I will order that today.

I will also be ordering media and I need recommendations for what brand to get.

Lastly, I dont quite understand what firmware i should use to get optimum performance from the 812S, but I will wait till the drive arrives before I look for that info.

Thanks again

Since you’re ordering from Newegg, here are some good media that you can just tack onto your purchase that will burn quite nicely on the 812S…

The following are pieces of media that usually burn very well at 8x (despite being rated only for 4x… hehehe)

RICOHJPNR01: (very good)

http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-150-106 (this is what I use)

RICOHJPNR01 or RITEKR02: (If you’re lucky and get the Ricoh, that is very good; the Ritek is also decent media, but can also vary a lot in quality, so it’s more of a gamble)

YUDEN000T01 or possibly something else (depends on whether Samsung has switched suppliers recently) (if it’s YUDEN (TY), then this would be a great deal, as TY is the best of the best)

Alternatively, you can get Taiyo Yuden +R media here: http://accaproducts.com/dvdr1.html

As for firmware, I would personally recommend using the burn-adjusted US0N firmware. Be sure to speedhack it to enable 8x burning on 4x media before loading. :wink:

I just ordered the 812S from newegg.com. Now just have to get the media for it…

What do you think of this?

or should I get the one you recommended from newegg?

If you are lucky, those TDK DVD+R´s are RICOHJPNR01… a perfect choice.

They look much the same as proposed by “code”, in my eyes.


Personally, I would buy neither - wait a few days/weeks until the 1213S is out on the streets, and grab it instead. :iagree: (Thats IF you have time on your side of course!).

i had the same question as the original post, getting 851 or 812, seems 812 is a better choice, is this it?

i found:

  • 851 @ 95 euro
  • 812 @ 110 euro

-832 @ 200 euro

if you live close to the borders of Germany you can get them cheaper at http://www.snogard.de/

812 @ 99,90 €
832 @ 133,90 €

Also, to second code65536’s media list, you should check out this:


or from BestBuy:


or from any other store. This Verbatim media (Verbatim 50-Pack 4x DVD+R Disc Spindle Model: 94676) is the finest MCC 002 (Mitsubishi Chemical) around. I have burned numerous on my ND2500A@ND2510A and 812S@832S recently with no more than 8 PI/2P0 errors. They are simply perfect.

Hi! All :slight_smile:

I have read code65536 suggestions that basically the 1st gen. DL drives will be a waist of time so I was thinking of purchasing a regular DVD writer without DL supported capability soon until they sort out the media pricing & firmwares for them.

It seems the 812S is the best option right now if dual layer is not neccessary but how far away is the SOHW - 1213S from release and would it be worth it to wait.

Also theres a deal for a SONY DRU-530A 8x DVD±RW ReWriter - OEM going for £54.05 as apposed to a LiteOn SOHW-812S 8x DVD±R/±RW Drive - Retail for £61.69. Which Lite-On can this Sony be converted to with firmware change if at all?? :confused:

Thanks! for any help. :slight_smile:

My recommendations?

  • LiteOn 812S and its rebadges (Sony U18A, Gigabyte W0808A, and a few others… Sony 530 is NOT a LiteOn rebadge)
  • LiteOn 451S (can be “upgraded” a lot, if you just want the cheapest solution)
  • LiteOn 1213S (if you want to be on the cutting edge… unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available to the public yet)

Thanks! for the info. code65536

I guess I assumed the Sony DRU-530A would have been a Lite-On as most of their CDRW drives in the past have been…My Bad! :slight_smile:

From the Lite-On site the LiteOn 1213S doesn’t mention DL burning capabilities and its not yet a released drive though the Lite-On 812S is released and it is DL. The 1213S will be cutting edge without DL?

Seems Lite-On don’t think much of the 1st generation drives either. :confused:


about 851S, i cannot find links/articles about hacking/upgrading things, where can i find such links?
what can 851 be hacked into?

The 451S can be upped to a 851S. As for the 851S, there isn’t anything more that you can do with those… at least not yet…

well, there are some shops here in germany where you can get a 832 for less than 120€ (bulk). this is about 146,50 $
i ordered it for 130€ (retail) and phoned the shopowner yesterday. he said that he will have the drive at the end of the week…

Quoted for da truth !

For those that are keen/curious - the 1213S hardware is indeed DL capable. This implementation of the writer however does not have a firmware that supports DL. Its big brother, the 1613S however, DOES support DL.

Differences in the chipset/PUH?..I wonder. :wink:

1213S - 1613S

I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.