Which Lite-on dvd burner drive is most quiet? reading and at least 8x burning

I need a drive (at least 8x) and I have liked Lite-on in the past.

AnandTech’s review said “Although we are accustomed to high pitch whines while writing discs, the LiteOn 1633S was extremely noisy.”

noisy = bad.

LiteOn 812 vs 832 vs 851 vs 1213 vs 1633 etc…

which is most quiet when reading and at least 8x burning? Do any compare to NEC 3500 or other quiet drive?

I know NEC 3500 is faster but is 832 on par with sound or a lot louder? Is 832 louder than a normal drive?
is 832 quieter at 8x than the 1633? Is any LiteOn NOT extremely noisy? :confused:
If it performs good at 8x that is a plus

If 832 is a lot quieter at reading and 8x I’d buy it over the 1633 until the next gen burner :slight_smile:


i got few months ago liteon 812, it was quiet all the time (it burn CD’s at 40x, and it is quiet at that speed), but now i have 1633, CD’s till 32 or 40x is quiet, DVD’s at 8x is also quiet, i hear a bit of loud noise with 48x writing ot reading pressed CD’s (which i can eliminate using nero’s CD Speed tool)

at 8x the 812 quieter? or same…what of reading?