Which Lite-on Drive to replace 1693S?



My 1693S liteon has died and is under warranty with NewEgg and they are going to offer me a compatible replacement item or refund at today’s value. What Lite-on should I be aiming for at this time?


uhh what will they be willing to replace it with? a 6S drive would be good :slight_smile:
H has lightscribe, P doesn’t
165 has dvd-ram, 160 doesn’t.


So would a SHW160P6S04 - Retail be a good replacement drive? They most likely will give me the option or retail value back towards another drive. So if they give me the latter as a choice maybe I’ll probably go with the SHM-165H6S than. Hopefully Codeking has his quality firmware for it.


the test firmware + smartburn from our liteon friends are amazing :iagree: