Which Lite-On CD/DVD drive is better for reading scratched/dirty/protected CDs?

LTR-52327S, SOHR-5238S, SOHC-5232K, SOHW-832S, or SOHW-1633S?

I like my 832S for reading bad discs, he reads almost all my dvd’s, he reads slow, but he has almost no errors, while my nec3500 is much faster but sucky in reading bad burned discs. Dunno bout cd’s though.

Thanks s0lar.

Any other people has experience with those Lite-On drives?

use tooth paste on the scratched up disc then use the 832s it works excellent for me all the time

@HBK, toothpaste??? Do I read you correctly? Would toothpaste work?

Thanks anyway.

yes, it works:

(a) toothpaste, rub ‘radially’, from in to out (not in circles). Do not use water.
(b) then wash with water; and dry.
© then use a program named ‘Isobuster’; the best program by far, I have tested for this recovery. forget other, specially DVD X Rescue (really crappy). Search in the web

Remember this: the info in a CD o r DVD (though ther are slight differences) is phisically located at… the top. The botton / shining side is near 1mm of transparent plastic you can re-polish.

Best regards

The BEST drive Lite-ON have ever made for disc recovery is the 851S, and indeed, even when converted to a 832S (as I have) it still retains this quality. It recovers without any special software OR toothpaste! So when all my other drives are failing the 851S always comes through for me. If it doesn’t then the disc really has had it (or maybe it’s time for the toothpaste!)

in regards to the toothpaste trick,

does it mater if you use minty fresh gel or is extra whitening better?


I know this might not answer the question directly, but I have AMAZING result from Pioneer 108A… I have some VCD that could not be read properly (rental VCD, can’t even play well on my DVD Player), Can’t cut it with Plextor 708A, Liteon 1633s and NEC3500A… then 108A just eat it for breakfast… not a single error…
I have seen in the past some VCD can’t be recognized by Liteon Drives… it just appear as none readable CD… However, 108A seems to pick up those without problem… don’t now what’ so special about the firmware (obviously the optical pickup and error correction is superior…)

Interesting about the Pioneer 108 there, my friend has a Pioneer 108 and has regretted buying it. For some reason Pioneer seem to have abandoned writing strategy support for discs from Ritek, and he had to go out and buy a load of differently branded discs to get a decent recording out of it. Strange problem since all his other writers which include Plextor and a Pioneer 106 work superbly with Ritek produced media. But going back to subject it’s good to know it’s a good reader…

Minty fresh gel is the only way to go…!

Hmm when i have a scratched or dirty disc i cant read with my DVD-Rom or in some Player the 832S reads it for sure thats my experience.
Another example for the drive is my Backup of gothic 2 Addon the night of the raven the copyprotection was annoying it didnt work then i bought my litey and it works flawless. lol

Thanks for all your replies. :slight_smile: :iagree: :bow: :slight_smile: :bigsmile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Got my 832s today, newegg does have 851 anymore. Couldn’t being happier. :cool:

Well, toothpaste :wink:

my 4 year old Pioneer will always read the discs that my LiteOn drives have a problem with. It reads at up to 16X also otherwise I would have dumped it a long time ago.