Which Linux distro do you use

IMO. Linux Mint 20 was a real disappointment. Based on ubuntu 20.04, it’s hardly surprising so many people are having problems. ubuntu 20.1 will be out soon, and Mint 20.01 should be based on that. Hopefully the new version will be better.

I tend to be the same. Jump in first, then read later.:slight_smile:
Glad to hear you got it set up the way you like it.

I like Manjaro, it’s still my daily Linux driver. Manjaro 18 was a real effort to setup. But since version 20, IMO, Manjaro is now the easiest Linux distro to setup and maintain.
It is very slick, and always bang up to date.
If you enable the AUR option with (check for updates enabled) in the package manager. It will give you probably the most compete software catalogue of software available on any Linux distro. And, if that’s not enough you can also enable flatpak and snap.

Thanks for the AUR tip. I’ll give it a look and see what is out there.

As previously mentioned, Mint 20 was causing some issues so I dumped all installs and backups and fortunately moved miles ahead with Manjaro.

Thanks Dee, for sharing your knowledge!

Talking about Linux Mint 20.
They just offered kernel 5.8 as an option. Not an LTS kernel so only supported until Aug 2021, but it gave me a chance to check if my Avid sound system would be supported on Mint (kernel 5.7 or later is required for the Avid sound system).

Anyway. It does support the Avid sound system, and the installing the Avid communication tools allows it to work as expected.
Now all they need to do is support MS BitLocker encrypted drives, and Mint would be an option for me again.

I’m spending a little time trying different distros, I was fairly happy with Mint 19.3. After some time it offered upgrade to release 20, and apart from being forced to setup hibernation again I haven’t noticed any bigger hiccups or issues. Until few days back when I tried to use a Bluetooth speaker - I found the BT implementation to be very unstable, sometimes not detecting devices, other time detecting but not connecting, etc. Same problems with BT headset.
After a brief research I found a lot of information about issues with BT functionality under Linux. Does it make sense to try other distros at all? Any experience in that aspect? :slight_smile: I haven’t tried to pair same devices on 19.3 (did not have the need then).

I’ve heard many horror stories about Linux and BT.
It may be dependant on the BT chipset.

My own is Intel AC 9462 which was bundled with my motherboard. Its an M.2 WiFi/BT device based on the Intel AC 9462 chipset.
It works fine here on Manjaro (kernel 5.8), and also worked fine on Mint 20 (kernel 5.4).
However, I never connected to BT speakers. So can’t comment if that would work or not.
Mines is just paired with my phone so I can play music from the phone via the PC sound system.

BT, and WiFi for that matter, seems to be rather hit or miss on Linux.

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Manjaro gets kernel 5.9, and a host of other updates.

kernel 5.9 brings support for AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU’s, and Intel RocketLake CPU’s.
Also support for AMD RDNA2 6000 series graphics cards.

Nvidia latest drivers version 455.
The NVidia 455 drivers support the new RTX 3000 series graphics cards.
And, yes despite the rumours, You can install NVidia’s proprietary drivers on Linux kernel 5.9. At least this is the case on Manjaro.

[edit] Although the Nvidia drivers install with kernel 5.9, and the desktop works fine. Cuda and Open CL are blocked on kernel 5.9, rendering the card as useless.
Back to kernel 5.8 and everything works as it should.

Going forward. Unless a solution is found around this. I’ll be back to Windows 10, and screw the childish dicks @ Linux HQ. :clapping:
And they say MS is bad for dictating what you can and cant use?

Nvidia has already made a statement on their forum about their drivers and 5.9. You’ll get a new set of drivers in mid-November that should restore compatibility.

Thanks for that Kerry.I wonder if NVidia is going open source with their driver, and fully complying with the Linux licencing terms. Or if they are going with a workaround.
If its the latter, this could get ugly. :slight_smile:

ubuntu 20.10 is out.
Codenamed Groovy Gorilla. Who comes up with these names? A 10 year old?
Anyway. It’s based on kernel 5.8, and the gnome desktop environment version 3.38.
It also has pretty much up to date software packages.

I tried out ubuntu 20,10. It still locks up this PC in the same way that 20.04 did.
Runs fine until I reboot, the PC then locks up and requires the power cord removed for a few seconds.

It would appear that ubuntu does some weird hardware configuration. I can’t blame kernel 5.4 as this release has kernel 5.8, which is perfect on Manjaro.

Wanted to give impressions of Linux Manjaro 20. after a few weeks of operation on a new laptop.

Rock solid operating system, in my opinion. Nary a hiccup nor speed-bump of any sort. Of course, the new Ryzen 7 4800H with 16GB ram certainly makes a huge difference from what I was using, but good gosh almighty, I’m on cloud nine at the moment.

Zero complaints from Linux Manjaro. One happy camper at the moment. (of course, I’m sure I’ll screw something up sooner or later as I continue to grow and learn Linux operations, but a solid back-up will save me…thanks to TeraByte Unlimited software)

Thanks for reporting back, and yes, it is also my opinion that Manjaro rocks.